Philosophiae Society Promotes Living Healthy Lifestyle

A common problem that many people in today’s society face, especially college students, is how to live a healthy life affordably, while balancing everything else that’s going on. It was this issue that the Philosophiae Society addressed with their Healthy Living Event, held Wednesday, Nov. 29 in the library.

With various stations centered around the concept of healthy living, the events goal was to inform the student body about the various affordable ways to lead a healthy life.

“The idea is that healthy eating and healthy living is very important in our modern world but not everyone has access to that information,” said Alex Maxwell, president of Philosophiae.

He was excited by the support the society received from people who visited and from the effort the members put into each station, saying the event was “wonderful.”

“It’s not just ‘come here and eat our delicious food.’ It’s ‘come here, eat our delicious food, know that it’s delicious, and know that you can do it.’,” Maxwell said.

Philosophiae society hosts healthy living event.
(Photo: Kenneth Sandoval)

Food was one of the more popular stations, with two stations dedicated to healthy food. One station was a vegan smoothie station, and the other was a healthy living bake sale. The bake sale sold items such as apple pie cupcakes and brownies, foods that are delicious, and as the bakers ensured, healthy.

Alondra Ochoa and Amy Tovar, two club members who baked all the foods, described the recipes and how each treat had a healthy component. The pies, for example, used brown sugar instead of regular sugar and the brownies had zucchini in them. According to Ochoa the treats were “super simple” to make. Tovar said that if she could make them, anyone could.

Attendees praised the food above all. One visitor, Cynthia Toro said the food was delicious and that the event as a whole was “definitely necessary.”  Barbara Okoroji also praised the food at the event. “The entire student body should be here,” Okoroji said.

The event was about more than just food, something treasurer Farrah Jean-Louis wanted to make sure of. “We don’t want to limit it to food,” said Jean-Louis. According to her, there are different aspects of healthy living.

There was a yoga station, a station about personal training, a karate station run by Dominican national athlete Sasha Rodriguez, and a meditation station run by certified meditation teacher Abbe Rosenberg.

All of these stations were meant to take into account other aspects of healthy living besides just food and physical well-being. Rodriguez wanted her station to take into account emotional and social health in addition to physical health.

Dr. Mira Sakrajda, the faculty advisor to the Philosophiae Society, said that she was incredibly proud of the work that went into the event.

“I think it’s one of the most important things, especially in a college environment where students neglect it, is healthy living,” Sakrajda said.

Sakrajda hopes that this event will lead more students to live healthier lives now that they are aware of how simple it is.

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