Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for WCC held their induction ceremony, adding 55 students to the Alpha Iota Omicron chapter.

The ceremony took place on Thursday, Nov. 30 in the Students Event room, opening the the Student Center building to both inductees and their loved ones to celebrate the achievements of all the students who gained membership into the honors program.

The event was hosted by the master of the ceremony, Nicholas Singh, who also serves as the Co-Vice President of Membership for the WCC chapter. Singh welcomed the guests and introduced each of the speakers to the stage.

Chapter President Elizabeth Lugones gave the opening remarks to the induction, who opened with thanking Singh and a pleasant greeting to those in attendance.

“Inductees making the decision to join PTK solidifies your commitment to your personal success here at Westchester Community College,” said Lugones. “You are about to be inducted to a scholarly fellowship that embraces community colleges not only within New York State but as part of the nation and the world.”

Co-Vice President of College Project Ryan Dwyer took to the stage next, earning a few laughs from the audience when he stepped to the podium, having to duck ever so slightly to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling, commenting that this situation might be a problem, but carried on the to inform the attendees about the project for the semester, Building Bridges.

“Building Bridges aims to work with students from the English Language Institute (ELI) and convince them to enroll at Westchester Community College,” said Dwyer.

The ELI program serves approximately five thousand students annually, most of whom attend the school to improve their English to gain access to jobs and better their lives. Building Bridges’ goal is to give information to the ELI students concerning certificates and higher education programs that can further their success at WCC and beyond.

“It has been a massive success,” said Dwyer, “but we aren’t done yet.” Dwyer then invited the new inductees to join the efforts if they held interest, and thanked those who were involved in the process.

Fellow Co-Vice President of College Project, Melany Davila took to the podium afterwards to speak of Honors in Action, a driving force behind the honor society. The Honors in Action is a research based project that extends over the course of a year, with this year’s theme revolving around water and the human rights to clean water.

“Throughout the semester, we have been educating students about the importance of clean water and raising awareness about the struggles that people in other parts of the world have to go through trying to collect it,” said Davila, who listed off a few organizations they have partnered with. The project hopes to make a lasting impact for the betterment of society.

The Keynote speaker for the ceremony was Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Vanessa Morest, who stressed to the inductees the importance of making connections to both peers in the program, fellow students at the college and faculty members to expand their minds and their horizons. Following Dr. Morest’s speech, the new members were inducted, receiving their honor cords.

Chapter Advisor Robin Graff gave remarks to the new members and Co-Vice President of Membership Samantha Rentas gave the closing remarks. The Ceremony ended with offering Hors D’oeuvres to those in attendance. Mercy College sponsored the event. Students enrolled in the honors program must meet a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

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