Board of Trustees Honors Joseph P. McLaughlin for 12 Years of Service

WCC has had many valued board members who have contributed to the greater good of the college. Recently, Joseph P. McLaughlin was honored as a retired member of the Board of Trustees. For his years of service to the college, Nov. 15th was declared Joseph. P. McLaughlin Day.

McLaughlin describes himself as the son of immigrants, people who “had to work very, very hard,” in order to succeed in this country. As a graduate from Iona College, McLaughlin became a public-school teacher, an occupation he held for 40 years. After retiring from teaching, he was offered the position of trustee in 2005 by the county, a position that is entirely voluntary.

“I just wanted to give something back to the community,” said McLaughlin. “I was looking for something else that would impact young people.”

As a trustee, he had to “make decisions about policy, sometimes about hiring, the philosophy of the college,” and he used this position to continuously be an advocate for the students of WCC. He did a great amount of work for the college, including working on various other committees such as the Planning Committee.

He described the recognition as terrific saying “it was a great gesture,” and certainly one that had come as a surprise to him. Until he was told about it, he said he didn’t know anything about it, but he was very pleased by it.

It’s clear that McLaughlin is a man who is entirely dedicated to the idea of giving back to the community. It was this idea that drove the decisions he made as a trustee. He said that his favorite part of the trustee position was the interactions he had with students and the staff.

“It’s all amazing to watch,” said McLaughlin. “Any kind of public service is important. I started off the same was as many young people and all people should try to give something back to the general community.”

McLaughlin recently retired from the Board, having served twelve years as a trustee and done a lot of research to advance the quality of life for students on campus. Now finished with his service here, he says that he hopes the board finds someone with as much enthusiasm to fill the vacancy on the board.

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