Commit to Change Offers Students Chance to Enhance Leadership Skills

Students here on campus who are looking to make a difference in not just in their own lives, but others as well, need to look no further than the Commit to Change Leadership Development Program. This program is application-based and focuses on enhancing leadership skills on all levels.

“The program is based on the social change of leadership which works to create positive social change throughout the community,” said Tiago Machado, Interim Director of Student Involvement and Director of Commit to Change. “The students go through a 12 week process where they do individual development and form groups. From their groups, they work on group development skills and coming up with a project that can create positive social change either here on campus or within the Westchester community.”

Commit to Change revitalized the campus community garden with hopes of growing vegetables to help fill the on campus food pantry, according to Machado.

On WCC’s website it reports that all students with an open mind and an eagerness to discover their potential as leaders are welcome to participate in Commit to Change. In order to graduate from the program, students must complete all sessions.

Individuals who have participated in Commit to Change in past semesters had nothing but positive things to say about the program and skills they acquired.

“My experience with the Commit to Change was of great value in my educational path. I’ve learned multiple lessons that have shaped me into a better student and person. This lessons helped me to improve my communication, leadership, and teamwork skills,” said David Tamay, a student who participated in Commit to Change Spring 2017 and encouraged others to participate in the program.

“I believe that Commit to Change is a program that all students should take the risk and try, no matter what age, major, or background they have. Commit to Change is a learning opportunity and a chance for personal growth,” said Jessica Gramajo, a fall 2013 member.  “This series has allowed me to challenge my way of thinking, open new perspectives, communicate effectively with my peers, and ultimately make an effort to give back to my community at large–one step at a time.”  Applications for the program are due two weeks before the new semester begins. Students can drop off their applications at the Office of Student Involvement, STC 108, or via email Applicants will be informed on acceptance about a week after submission.

Applicants or students interested in the program must be available on Fridays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm to participate in the program. In addition to the application of stating basic information, students must also submit a separate typed document stating why they want to be apart of the Commit to Change Leadership Series.

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