Meet the Senate Event Met Some Setbacks

Something inconceivable was held within the Student Center as a way to better understand the campus and one of the organizations. Imagine the hit game show ‘Newlyweds’ and The Student Government, but wrapped up into one.

Dubbed as ‘Newly Friends’, the event was meant to get WCC students, both incoming and current, access to the elected officials, and spur an interest in joining the organization somewhere down the road. This event was held in conjunction with the open house.

The game consisted of six ‘newly friends’ couples, mixing some of the members of the SGA Senate with WCC students. The couples were given only a few minutes to get to know each other before getting drilled with questions on their new friend. Questions ranged from informative inquires like what the person is majoring in to questions as obscure as which Twix bar is prefered, the left or the right?

The event was organized by Senator Logan Alberico who was absent for it’s production on account of food poisoning. With only a half hour to get the event off the ground, the Director of Public Relations for the SGA, Ben Neubardt, along with Treasurer Keenan Long, managed to get the event going without too much suspicion, but had some notes of chaos.

“All things considered, I would say the the event was a success,” said Neubardt who served as the host of the game and who expressed that he would like to have a similar event held in the spring but with a more concrete and organized plan, with the potential of involving other Tier One organizations.

In addition to the missing Senator, half of the Executive Board was absent as well, all for circumstances beyond their control. Even with essential people missing, the Senate carried on with the best foot forward.

The newly friends game was advertised with the chance of the winning student receiving a five dollar voucher for the cafe in the student center. This was determined to be a lie, with all six student contestants earning a voucher for their participation in the event.

After the game concluded, the Senate offered pizza to their guests and invited them to an open conversation to talk about the college, what interested them about WCC, and about life in general. Students were also invited to sit in on their weekly meeting, but most of the students stayed until the meeting started, taking their pizza slices into the lounge.

In the absence of President Hamza Raja, Vice President Ryan Dwyer led the senate meeting, going over old business, checking in on the progress of the transportation committee and opening the floor to a senate discussion. The senate will be holding off on all meetings until after the Thanksgiving break.

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