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Hey it’s Val here! Still full from Thanksgiving dinner, leftover breakfast and leftover dinner. I took all the to-go plates!

But now after the escape from reality, I come back to answer your questions. So, as I looked into my question box, located in the student lounge I found a plethora of condoms. Either you all want me to be safe, which by the way thank you, or you guys aren’t using them since they found their way into my box.

This brings me to today’s segment, safe sex is the best sex! I don’t know if you guys are aware of this super gonorrhea going around. It is not treatable, it is on a rampage, the regular gonorrhea that you can get antibiotics for, doesn’t work anymore.

I am not your seventh grade health class teacher trying to scare you into not having sex. Sex is absolutely amazing, have it all the time. We are sexual beings, embrace it. But, also it is extremely important to be safe. How can I be safe while trying to get some, you ask?

1)    Ask your partner their status. Yes, it is hard and you do not want to seem as if you are offending. But it is an important question. For yourself and your partner at the time. If you are engaging in sex with more than one person, it is imperative that you get tested.

Get tested, know your status. If you are negative for everything then great! Continue being safe, but if not, that is okay, too. There are treatments available, to treat you and to prevent you from spreading to others. There are many free clinics and Planned Parenthood is your best friend. They provide screenings and treatment for a low low cost or free.

2)    No glove, no love! “Ohh, baby it’s so better raw.” Do you eat chicken raw? No? Then you shouldn’t have sex raw. For those who do not know the term, having sex raw, means having sex without a condom. Unless you are seriously in a monogamous relationship and both you and your partner are monogamous to each other, you are just at a very low risk for catching an STI.

You know what else happens when you do not use a condom–babies! Unless you are actually planning and prepared for a baby, then perfect. If not, there is this magical thing called birth control. It comes in many forms. Its 2017, about to be 2018. There is no reason to not be on some form of birth control if you are actively having sex.

As a WCC student, I know for the most part, you are putting your education first. Do not halt your formation by forming something else that you are not ready for.

I am not a sexpert, but I know enough to do what is smart, and to keep my sexual body safe. Your body’s a temple, treat it as such. Make sure you are living a healthy sex life.

We have a Health Clinic on campus located in the Student Center. You can approach them with questions, all in confidentiality. They are a resource to help you and they can connect you with clinics in your area.  Well, I hope you meet someone cute under a mistletoe. Write me, don’t skype me. It’s Val.

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