Planning Career Paths Crucial for Success

Career planning and proper preparation for the job market are essential to success.

The Career Center on campus is dedicated to help students though providing guidance through the process of career exploration and decision making, career counseling and coaching to help clarify career interests through career assessments, and teach resume writing and interviewing skills, according to their flyer. They can also help students make connections with employers and assist with navigating through the process of acquiring internship and applied learning opportunities.

“Planning your career gives you the opportunity to research options that are consistent with your interests, values, skills and personality,” said Gelaine Williams, Counselor and Coordinator of Career Services.This planning will hopefully lead to a career path that is enjoyable and fulfilling in all the ways that are important to you.  In today’s fast-paced and competitive world of work , it is extremely important to work on your career planning as early as possible in your college career to allow time for research which includes getting experience in the career area of your choice.”

According to Williams, most students express that they want to select a career that will be fulfilling and enjoyable and that will make them excited to go to work.

“This is very possible with planning,” Williams said. “Career Counselors can help with this planning by providing resources and a sounding board for your exploration.”

In light of November being National Career Development Month, Career Services hosted an open house on Nov. 15., in room 290 in the Student Center to inspire students to take charge of their future.

“Those that need clarification can complete a career assessment to assist with determining their interests, skills and values and help them connect those areas with potential career possibilities,” Williams said. “Those that have some sense of their career direction can learn about available resources to learn as much as possible about this direction. Those that are clear and knowledgeable about their career choice can get help with getting experience in the area whether it be an internship (paid and unpaid), part time or summer job. Those ready to look for a full time job can get help with tool for a job search: resume prep, interview prep,  how to conduct an effective search for a job, job resources such as our online job board College Central Network.”

The job board has on average 200 jobs of all types available every day.  Most are local, some are in NYC and surrounding communities.

“Career planning takes time, effort and a commitment,” Williams said. “But who better to make a commitment to, than you! Remember, you are not selecting one job but learning that your career life is a series of jobs [and] experiences that culminate in a rewarding professional life.  Career development and planning is a lifelong process and there is no time like the present to get started.”

All these services are available to current students and alumni, according to Williams.

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