Progress is in motion for the Student Government Association (SGA) as they passed the Sexual Harassment Prevention Initiative. It was a unanimous vote, all 14 SGA members, E-Board and Senate members passed Resolution F-001.

The action requested by the SGA asks for WCC’s administration to implement policies that will make it easier for students to report sexual assault. Easier in the sense of accessibility and awareness of resources provided on campus, mainly through the SUNY website.

In addition, the preventive initiative requests for permanent fliers or stickers in the bathroom stalls, which will contain directions that a student should execute in case of an emergency. Information will also be provided on these postings that help students report sexual harassment cases, with numbers to call or websites to reach.

This didn’t happen overnight, nor is this something that spawned from the outbursts from the Hollywood scandals. The efforts of reducing sexual harassment and improving advocacy for those who have been victimized from such activities was what President of SGA, Hamza Raja, campaigned on.

“I believe that our college should be on the forefront of this effort,” Raja said. “Many believe that preventing sexual harassment on college campuses is a gradual process. My goal this year is to simply accelerate this process.”

Currently on campus, some procedures have been improved, such as required Title IX training for students involved in clubs. This years orientation also made the training mandatory for all new incoming students as well.

“We should have zero tolerance when it comes to sexual assaults,” Raja said. Committed to this cause, Raja, along with the rest of the SGA, is optimistic for the measures requested to be put into place.

Senate Resolution F001 will move to the desks of the Dean and Associate Dean of Student Life to continue its journey on becoming a potential change for all of WCC, both online and on campus.

Before the resolution was passed, a last minute amendment was added to clarify the reason for posting the information in the bathrooms to ensure its full success when presented to the Deans of Student Life. The motion to pass the measure was made by Vice President Ryan Dwyer and Trustee Nicholas Singh seconded the motion.

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