Halloween Is Fun and Creative but Holds Some Negativity

On the lighter side of the holiday, many owners often dress
up their pets. (Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay.com)

When people see Halloween marked on the calendar on Oct. 31, they think of scary and spooky things that can scare them. What Halloween means to many is adults and children dressed up in costumes and going trick or treating to houses full of scary decorations.

When asked what his favorite part of the holiday season was, WCC student Elmer Barrera said, “Movies, because they are scarey.” In the days leading up to Halloween, the horror genre really explodes, this year marks the return of two cult classic hits, Stephen King’s “IT” and the continuation of the gory Saw series with Jigsaw.

Halloween is fun for most because people get to dress up as something of their choice, hang out with friends, and enjoy consuming lots of candy. People who dislike Halloween  consider it a children’s holiday and not made for adults, in other words, ‘adults wearing costumes is childish and inappropriate.’

There are many exciting things that happen on Halloween, especially wearing costumes. When it comes to celebrating the holiday on a school day, a person wearing a Halloween costume should never be a problem.

Everyone can express themselves and have fun at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your creativity.

Unfortunately, when someone who opposes the holiday and sees a person walking on campus in a costume they always have their petty side conversations. “Oh my god what is he wearing?”, “She looks like a total prostitute.” or “I would never be around someone wearing that.”

Trick or treating should be for anyone regardless of their age. Costume enthusiasts can get out of their houses, walk around, and hunt for that delicious candy. Or, if they prefer, visit some haunted houses, costume parties and binge watch scary movies.

Going out with friends or family members can prevent people from being bored in this exciting season, but there are individuals who are okay being in their houses because not only is it dark outside, but it gets very dangerous and crimes are being committed.

According to the National Crime Victims Survey, crime happens at all hours of the day but sexually violent crimes occur at night. According to the FBI, in 2015, there was an estimate of 1,197,704 violent crimes committed. Murder and voluntary manslaughter increased to 10.8 percent, rape and aggravated assault increased 6.3 and 4.6 percent respectively. It’s statistics like these that make parents today wary of allowing their kids to go trick or treating alone, but even the candy is pretty dangerous.

Halloween is full of food we consume and crave, especially candy. Candy has that sweet boost that we can’t resist or stop eating. Candy can be very tasty, it’s not so pretty when you have to deal with weight gain because sugar in candy turns into fat.

According to the American Psychological Association approximately 20 percent of people are overweight. Children ages 2-5 are at 5-12.4 percent, ages 6-11 at 6.5-17 percent, and ages 12-19 at 5-17.6 percent. If unmanaged, unhealthy diet habits can lead to bigger problems down the road, like heart disease, diabetes and health issues.

Despite the effects of consuming candy and increasing numbers of crimes, Halloween is still a good holiday to celebrate. People regardless of their age, have the freedom to dress up and have fun.

That freedom shouldn’t be hindered due to fears both beyond and within our control, nor should the joys of the Halloween season be judged by anyone just because of their negative opinions about the holiday.

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