Clubs Collaborate to Organize Halloween Celebration

This year’s halloween party, “Trick or Treat Yoself,”  was a fantastically collaborated event and the liveliest by far. The event was created by WEB’s Special Events Co-Chairs Silvia Guzman and Giulianna Vecchio, along with Power 88.1 who came through with the music.

The Muslim Students Club ran the Henna for Hurricane relief station to help SGA’s initiative to raise money and supplies for hurricane relief victims, and the Art Club helped with decorations and set up.

The success of the event was brought to life because of the relaxed environment, getting dressed up for the festivities, and being in a dark lit room. The room only source of light came from the halloween decor, the hallway and a lamp at the “henna for hurricane relief” station, contributing to the festive event.

“It was lit, I enjoyed it a lot,” said fellow WEB member Karina Lovera, also mentioning how the lights set the mood, the colorful and decorative lights gave a new life to the event room.

“It was cool to see the lights turned off at a school function because it really made it feel like it was any party outside of WCC,” Guzman said.

“So many people came dressed to impress! Seeing everyone laughing and dancing made me smile,” Vecchio said. “Overall, Trick or Treat Yoself turned out to be a hit.”

There is something about dressing up as an adult that bring out the kid in everyone, creating an inviting, fun, and less judgemental environment.

“The event was fun and I love that the MSC did henna to get funds for the hurricane relief victims,” said Stephanie Tapia, a WCC marketing student.

“It was cool to see the lights turned off at a school function because it really made it feel like it was any party outside of WCC.” — Silvia Guzman, WEB Special

The Henna for Hurricane Relief table was a hit with not only paying customers, but donations as well, raising a little more than $50. The henna was priced at $3-$5 depending on the size of the art students wanted.

Some sales were missed due to not being able to accept payment through card.

In retrospect, henna at a party was not the smartest idea. For or a good 30 mins students wouldn’t really dance due to fear of smudging the art they paid for.

At 7 o’clock, food came and went within minutes and soon after, so did all the beverages.

Guzman says “I thought the event went well. I think the craziest part about it was the fact that the mozzarella sticks ran out before the chicken tenders.”

Another highlight was an appearance from the Drag Show queens and kings that probably would have slayed the contest if they had stayed.

It was the second year in a row that a Halloween party was hosted after the drag show creating a back to back event filled night for WCC students.

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