Drag Show Hosted by RuPaul Drag Queen Contestant Alexis Michelle

Glitter, music and a whole lot of attitude hit the stage for the GLOW’s annual drag show. The event was hosted by Alexis Michelle, a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Held on Oct. 26 in the Hankin Theatre, the drag show consisted of several drag queens and kings who performed lip synching to popular songs, remixes and broadway acts, wearing outfits that would help set the theme of the musical number they played.

One performer, Sierra Leone, was dressed as the glorious female superhero, Storm. Leone stayed true to the rhythm of a catchy remix of “It’s Raining Men”, which held sound bits from the original X-Men film with Halle Berry. Another queen, Tess Tickles, was dressed as the villain, HIM, from the hit cartoon series, “The Powerpuff Girls”, a slew of hit songs were meshed in with voice of the Powerpuff antagonist.

Comedy and drama were also thrown into the mix with drag queens. Sound bites of Family Guy had WCC students laughing and a rendition of Hamilton’s song ‘Satisfied’ moved guests.

As entertaining as the drag performers were, the audience was given some bold words from the hostess.

“We are living in some fucked up times,” said Alexis Michelle, who spoke of the political discourse in the nation. She also encouraged the viewers that recent events shouldn’t interfere with how people wished to present themselves to the world. “Whatever it is that you want to express, you go and do just that.”

The drag show is one form of expression that is valued on campus. GLOW Secretary Alex Grace, touched base on how each individual on campus might interpret the drag show in their own personal way. Some students might see the performers as an inspiration, where others could simply enjoy the environment.

“For me, it’s seeing the art that comes with it,” Grace said. Art from the physical acts and music to the costume designs and makeup. “It’s art that represents drag and the LGBT community.”

For intermission, the break also served as a dance competition for WCC students to take part in. Six students stepped on stage, but only one could be crowned the champion. There were four rounds of elimination, the best dancer was decided by the volume of audience cheers.

GLOW’s President and Treasurer took part in the show as well. It was the second year in a row that Tommy ‘Jewels’ Green took to the the stage, this year he strummed off to an air guitar, drawing some cheers from the crowd.

There was also a choreographed scene from the cult classic film Rocky Horror Picture Show. The anticipation for the act was well worth the wait as the members on stage reenacted the ever famous ‘Sweet Transvestite’ with Tim Curry’s voice guiding those on stage.

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