Fall in Love with Your Basic Self This Season

Start blasting the Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” and run to your nearest Starbucks millennials, it’s autumn!

Whether you’re clutching a Pumpkin Spice Latte or wearing Timberland boots, you’re doing it right! Embracing the change of season from summer to fall, a season with sunny, hot weather, to a season with brisk, cold weather, is what’s socially acceptable, right? The answer is yes and only yes!

If you don’t go to bed engulfed in blankets, wishing death upon yourself as you walk outside into the chilly morning air, and didn’t celebrate Friday the 13th, you’re not assimilating! Try harder! Better yet, if you haven’t gone apple picking or carved pumpkins, there’s something wrong with you!

This is the only time of year you can do these activities; get a move on it!

The greatest holiday to ever exist just passed, you know, Halloween.  As children, we demanded our parents to buy us the must have one time outfit to get candy from our weird neighbors, but now, as young adults, we’ve truly embraced the holiday for what it’s truly about: parties!

Costume parties are what October is for; not watching the Halloweentown saga or decorating your house with family. This new outlook on the holiday’s worth isn’t demeaning it at all, we’re only approaching it with a smart, mature attitude: creating better and long-lasting memories by going to parties! Right? Or are we creating better memories by not remembering our Hallo-weekend at all? That’s still up for discussion; not enough experiments have been conducted on that yet.

Of course, Halloween is not the only holiday to be celebrated this season, how could we forget about Thanksgiving, or even better, the grand finale that December brings us! Once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, it’s officially Christmas despite what the calendar says. This means one thing only: sales! Forget the food and spending quality time with loved one, November means Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here! Why not start buying holiday presents when the opportunity presents itself, right? Right.

What I’m about to say next is a common misconception and November is one of the only, if not the only month this applies to: despite Christmas, being a full month away, it is the norm to celebrate in November too. This means putting up your Christmas tree the first week of November, playing the classic holiday hits all hours of the day. Jingle Bell Rock guys!

Again, I can not stress this enough, as this is a very common misconception: once December hits, you must focus all of your attention to just Christmas; focusing on any other holiday would be inappropriate and just plain wrong. What’s even left to look forward to anyway? New Year’s? Valentine’s Day? Those holidays can stroll by unwanted; by then the thrill of the more important holidays have passed.

If you’re one of the very rare cases where you haven’t taken photos with the changing-leaves yet, or failed to dress up for Halloween, start panicking! You’ve already wasted two precious months of festivities! Sad!

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