Michael Belfiore Elevates Athletic Department

Since his arrival, Belfi ore has
made many innovations for
(Photo: Amanda M. Gordon)

Michael Belfiore is the Director of Athletics at WCC. After only two and a half years as the athletics director, he has made a huge amount of progress throughout the department.

Before accepting his role as WCC Athletic Director Belfiore served as a assistant director at Bronx Community College.

Upon interviewing Belfiore, he expressed that his main goal is to provide students with the same experience, recourses, success, and recognition they would obtain at a four year college.

Belfiore has been working on various projects that have nonetheless been a success or in the works of progression for the department. He has given athletics a symbol by working with the design department on the new Vikings logo for the campus.

Belfiore has developed a brand-new website for the campus’s athletics, gowccvikings.com. On the website, students are able to check stats of players, apply to be recruited if you don’t already attend the college, checkout the schedule for recreational sports, etc. The website has developed a platform for the WCC athletes to be recognized on.

Another project that Belfiore has developed and has been working on is the Viking

Collaborative Academic Support Environment, or V-CASE. When asked about his proudest accomplishment here at WCC so far, V-Case was the first thing that came to Belfiore’s mind. “I’m proud of all the things we’ve been able to do, when it comes to the academic support system I’m most proud of that”.

This program was created to help student athletes that are struggling with work. It provides check-ins on a weekly basis and updates on current events going on throughout the campus.

The program really is to be a resource to the students to help them on further success not just athletically, but academically.

There is also a newly renovated fitness center on campus, not only for student athletes, but for anyone on campus who wants to get more active. This also applies to the recreational sports program that students have voted on implicating this past semester along with intramural sports, which are held on Wednesdays during common hour. Sports played consist of flag football, volleyball, kickball and more

Belfiore has implemented many things for himself and the Athletic Department to be proud of. Aside from V-Case Belfiore stated a few of the other of his innovations here at WCC that he is appreciative of. “I’m also very proud of the website, I’m proud of the logo we developed, and a lot of the campus spirit we’ve been able to develop.”

After 2 and a half years Belfiore has no intentions of slowing down the progress of the Athletic Department. With the recent acquisition of assistant director Spinner, Belfiore and his growing team are looking everyday for ways to improve campus athletics..

“We’ve made positive changes these two and a half years, it just keeps getting better and better.” He went on to say. “ I’m looking forward to the future because we got a great staff here together now and they’re using their talents to develop a new program, we’ll just continue to grow”.

To follow WCC’s athletics on twitter, their handle is @WCC_Atheltics, and for instagram follow gowccvikings.

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