Women’s Volleyball Shows Consistency, Passion for Season

Madison Young gears up for the serve. (Photo: Courtesy of gowccvikings.com)

WCC’s Women’s Volleyball has had a bit of a rollercoaster season thus far. Though the team has been forced to bend a few time they are far from being broken.

The Vikings volleyball team has entered the back end of the 2017 season. The Vikings endured a tough road stint against some formidable opponents.

WCC was swept by Nassau Community College, and then fell 3-1 to Suffolk Community College. WCC then traveled to Rockland Community College to face Bronx CC, where they lost  3-2 in a competitive matchup. After the losses, WCC fell to 5-8 overall and 5-7 in Region XV play. The ship was not yet sunken as The Vikings nabbed a win over Sullivan to finally overcome the hump.

Lindsay Leggio, the youngest  addition to the team, and current freshman at WCC has become a team stand-out.

“We did end our losing streak and we came back stronger than before,” Leggio said after defeating Sullivan. Leggio’s 41 assist played no small part in the win.

Cristal Alcantara, a veteran of the team has made her presence felt upon her return. After taking a hiatus, Alcantara is back with the team.

Teammate Madison Young also added an incredible season-high 31 kills. The win over Sullivan helped to get the team to a 6-8 record.

“Overall our confidence gets affected when we are not playing our best, and that’s what happened at a previous game,” Alcantara said when asked about overcoming the previous losses.

The veteran has not lost any faith in her team’s ability.

“We were focused, more vocal and confident with our game, that’s what got us the win,” Alcantara said. “It is imperative for us to keep a winning attitude and the momentum of a win, that way we will be successful in our upcoming games.”

The Vikings went on to play Dutchess County after their win against Sullivan. Against Dutchess, the girls played three sets with the scores being 25-22,  25-16 and 25-11.

“One of my goals is to set an example for my teammates,” said Alcantara. She has taken her role as a veteran of the team very seriously. She believes it’s her example that will set the tone for her fellow teammates.

“I want to motivate the girls to be their best and to have a positive outlook. I’m not perfect, nor is anyone for that matter, but as a captain it’s my job to keep being vocal and positive on the court.”

According to Alcantara, the team will have to bring their A game in the upcoming playoffs when they will be facing historically tough teams.

“I have trust in everyone’s skill, with us it will be all about endurance, consistency, and passion,” Alcantara said. “We have to endure two matches and keep our stamina, as well as being consistent with our passes, serves and hits–that way we will push the points we need. And lastly, we need passion, with passion and love for the game we will play until the end and we won’t give up.”

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