Athletics Department Makes Promising Acquisition

WCC is proud to welcome its new Assistant Athletic Director, Michael Spinner. Along with the rest of the freshmen, Spinner started his journey at WCC back in September. With his presence on campus comes his wealth of experience in athletics, which the college is excited to accommodate.

Spinner has worked as the first Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Pace University for four years and three seasons. Before that, he spent many years working as an administrator and a coach, as well as having been an athletic director for different schools.

“I love the community. I think that the one thing that has stood out to me so far is that the people who work here really love it here—and that’s not completely common,” said Spinner. “You can tell that the people employed by Westchester Community College really want to be here; they like what they do and are very enthusiastic about it.”

Spinner is excited about working with the athletic department at WCC and admires that there’s a lot of enthusiasm associated with athletics here, which, according to Spinner, is half the battle.

“I really appreciate our Athletic Director, Mike Belfiore. I think he has a very strong and unique vision for this athletic department. Being new here, I can’t really say I have a specific goal for the department, but I think he has specific goals that we’ve talked about, and I want to help make his vision a reality,” Spinner said. “I’ve been a coach and an administrator for several years, so I think what I have to offer is a unique dual-perspective.”

According to Spinner, coaches and administrators view intercollegiate athletics differently.

“I think that’s beneficial, especially for our student-athletes, because when we make plans for the department, I can look at it from both angles,” Spinner said.

From a coach’s perspective, Spinner has the ability to understand and implement what is effective for the teams themselves. At the same time, his administration experience allows him to provide what is necessary for the department as a whole.

“Ultimately, athletics is for student development, and we’re here for students—that’s the part about the job I like the most. Athletics changed my life.”

Throughout his life, Spinner has had a close relationship with athletics. As a 14-year-old freshman in high school, he was told that there was not a future for him in lacrosse. That didn’t stop him.  He became an all-American goalie, traveled to Australia to coach team USA at two international tournaments, and worked as a journalist for several years.

“Athletics gives you confidence. If you love something enough, and work towards it, you’re going to be successful,” said Spinner.

Spinner’s thought process not only to include athletes but to include all students in aspect or another.

“I hope that the students understand that a successful athletic community involves all of the community—we’re here for everybody,” Spinner said. “If you’re a fan at a game, you’re part of the athletic community. I hope that our community comes to our games and sees our work.”

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