M&T Bank Doubles Its Scholarship Support for WCC

WCC’s annual scholarship ceremony took place on Oct. 5, 2017. At this event, students were recognized for their scholarships and had the chance to meet the award donors.

“The WCC foundation was founded in 1969 to raise funds for things that the County and State does not cover,” said Ilen Liberman, Director of Development of the WCC Foundation.

The event is primarily for scholarships, which are funds that go above and beyond financial aid, according to Liberman.

This year, the foundation had the privilege of awarding over $2 million in scholarship money to students. The scholarships are granted by individuals, businesses, and foundations.


Students receive recognition at the annual
scholarship ceremony. (Photo: Kaitlyn Talenti)

The foundation has done many things to benefit WCC, such as creating the Benefits Access Center and $20 million that was raised to build the Gateway Center. According to Liberman, she is very passionate about the ceremony and the foundation itself for what it provides for our students.


“Our scholarship donors really care about our students – they are making an investment in your future because they believe in the power of education to change lives. Your success is their success,” Liberman said.



M&T Bank Corporation has doubled its scholarship support for the Westchester Community College Foundation this year. The bank has donated $10,000 to benefit more students in the program.

The students who receive the scholarships are enrolled in the business curriculum, participate within the community, are in need of financial assistance, and demonstrate academic achievement.

“Investing in education strengthens the quality of life for M&T Bank’s customers, employees, and neighbors and WCC plays an important role in the local economy by developing the regional workforce and helping students fulfill their dreams of a college education,” said Frank Micalizzi M&T Regional President on the WCC website.

The grant was given to four WCC students for the 2017 fall semester including Nicolas DeRosario, Anthony Mujica, Rushda Nikamdeen, and Elton Palaj.

Although a representative from M&T bank could not attend the ceremony, students who had received the scholarship were there and eager to talk about what it meant to them.

Rushda Nikamdeen, a sophomore majoring in accounting, is a second time recipient of the M&T Bank Scholarship award.

“WCC gave me the opportunity to reach my goals. It’s the best college ever,” said Nikamadeen, who graduates this spring. “The scholarship for the past two years has been really helpful to me.”

Nicolas DeRosario is majoring in marketing and also is a second time recipient of the M&T Bank Scholarship award.

“This is the second time I’ve received a scholarship at WCC and it is no less a blessing this time around. It is a humbling experience to feel that someone is investing in my dreams and ambitions the way I invest in myself,” DeRosario said. “I’m a marketing major and plan to graduate in December, then continue on to Pace university to get my bachelors degree.”

Any student can apply for the vast amount of scholarships offered. The scholarship center is located on the second floor of the library. Applications can also be found on the WCC website.

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