WCC Vikings’ First Mascot Promotes School Spirit

WCC welcomes their first-ever school mascot! As many of you probably know, WCC’s school mascot is the “Viking,” as sports teams’ uniforms have been adorned with images of the fearless heathens for a while. Last year, there was a new logo made for WCC’s athletic department, and with the success of the new logo came the idea to create a real-life mascot.

Some may have seen the recently named mascot around campus, as he’s appeared at orientation, WCC’s first ever Homecoming, and other school-related events. In addition to these events, there was even an opportunity for students to name the new mascot, the name “Chester,” short for Westchester, being the winner. With the naming of Chester, Instagram (@chestertheviking) and Twitter (chester_viking) accounts were made shortly after, where Chester promotes upcoming sporting events, as well as try-outs.

WCC Athletic Director Michael Belfiore was questioned as to why have school mascots at all, and better yet, why now?

“It was something that I thought would help enhance the overall experience and school pride for our students,” Belfiore said. “As we developed our new logo, I worked with my staff and the mascot company on the design to be made in the logo’s likeness.”

According to Belfiore, people are excited to have the mascot at games, campus functions, and anywhere they are looking to promote the Viking brand and spirit.”

Chester has already made impact enough to warrant student interest on who or why someone has chosen to take up the mantle of a school mascot. Some students may even be interested in donning the costumes themselves.

“We have been working with a couple people for the events we’ve had him appear at so far,” Belfiore said. “I’d like to find a student or a couple of students who are really enthusiastic and might want to volunteer to be him from time to time. I’ve had a member of my staff do it and also someone who has volunteered. Right now we are doing it on a volunteer basis”.

WCC’s progression throughout the years has been evident, as the introduction of a homecoming, tailgate, and Chester the mascot, demonstrate this.

Thanks to people like Belfiore, school spirit and pride is becoming normality at our community college–something that two-year schools usually lack.

“Look for [Chester] once the soccer playoffs start and of course on November 2 when we open for men’s and women’s basketball,” Belfiore said.

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