Editorial: On School Pride

For a community college, school pride can be a touchy subject. A lot of us come here thinking we will just go to class and go home. School pride wasn’t the main focus in recent years, but newly implemented programs like the convocation brunch and our new Mascot have helped us, the WCC community, develop a sense of pride that enabled us to overcome the community college stigma that we can’t take pride in our institution of higher learning.

Often, we as community college students are underestimated, our college stereotyped as being the school that has to accept the people who didn’t get into any of the other school they applied to. Sometimes, our potential is not recognized just because we are community college students.

Many of us have never been the ones to get into school pride. However, since coming to WCC we have become more engaged with activities on campus and in turn our grades have improved dramatically; we have gained more friends, and are overall happier. Knowing that we can be a part of a community or something bigger than myself fills us with a sensation that we helped create or contribute to something that we care deeply for and take pride in.

It makes us happy and proud to play a role in making something special happen for WCC by being a part of campus activities and having pride in being a WCC student.

Through school pride, situations are created that allow students to socialize in scenarios in which they otherwise would never have done. Tailgate parties, spirit days, the guessing games about who is in the mascot costume–all these things create a greater sense of community among the student body. It persists even though we are a commuter school and have a student population with wide-ranging ages and backgrounds.

School pride brings us closer together. It motivates us to do our part for our community, challenges us to be a better version of ourselves, and reassures us that pursuing our education at WCC was the right choice.

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