Radiology Students Shine at State Meeting, Win First Place in Academic Bowl

WCC’s radiology students represented their college at the annual American Society of Radiologic technologists.

Every year, The New York State Society of Radiologic Sciences chooses two students from New York State to represent the state in the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. Last June, Yvanne Fantana, now a WCC graduate, was chosen as one of those students.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists offered Fantana a position in their student leadership program. A mentor then showed Fantana how the National Radiology Organization works, as well as how to be a possible future leader, such as an administrator or chairperson.

Professor Hildy Oberstein from the Radiology department usually brings around eight students from the program and the radiology club to the national organization that occurs every year. The students meet professional technologists and other students while also networking and making connections with others, according to Oberstein. All of these students are seniors with GPAs of 3.0 or higher.

“Students have to work to get into the program [and] once they get in they have to keep working hard. It’s like a new language for them,” Oberstein said. “When the students go to the national organization they grow so much, they network professionally.”

According to Oberstein, students can go from becoming a Radiographer, to MRI, Cardiovascular, or Mammographer and are able to “get a little taste of it and people who do that as a profession.”

At the New York State Society of Radiologic Sciences, there are some competitions that students can participate in like the Student Quiz Bowl and The Poster Contest. WCC students have won first place in the Student Quiz bowl a number of times, according to Oberstein.

Last year, WCC came in first in the student bowl competition, a game similar to Jeopardy where students are asked questions about radiology, and third in the poster contest.

The poster contest was about GI Studies, techniques used to demonstrate various pathologies. Students had to highlight at least one form of ionizing radiation dosage and the protective measures that radiologic professionals can take to minimize it.

“We take it very seriously,” Oberstein said. “It’s a lot of fun, we all wear our shirts from WCC.”

The academic team was comprised of students Thomas Galeotti, Drew March, and Stephanie Santana. The poster contest participants were Teresa Migliore and Stephanie Santana. Others attending the state meeting were students Nimatoulaye Barry, Raul Salazaar, Kadijatu Hassan, Ivelisse Giraldo and Clayon Morgan.

Professor Oberstein was very proud of the students.

“We have a good reputation when we go out to the national organization,” Oberstein said. “Students work hard in the program and there’s a lot of enthusiasm. It makes me proud.”

This year, eleven students will be going to the organization and three will be competing in the student bowl this year.

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