WCC Website Provides a Link to LGBTQ Resources

A new addition has been added to the WCC website. Through the “Future Students” tab on the website, one can click on “Student Involvement,” and located on the sidebar drop-down menu is an LGBTQ option.

This was a project spearheaded by Tiago Machado, the Associate Director for multicultural and leadership programs in the department of Student Involvement, advisor to GLOW, as well as the LGBT task force, a group comprised of two administrators, two staff, two faculty, three students, and Machado himself as the coordinator.

With the purpose to help incoming and current vikings, the LGBTQ page provides students with information on all the resources they can utilize on campus.

“I think a lot of work can be done to support our LGBTQ students on campus,” said Machado. “This is an easy, quick step to get them the information they need.”

Included on the page is information on all gender-inclusive bathrooms across WCC, as well as contact info for different advisors who can help with making the school a safer, more welcoming community.

Machado also emphasized the site’s section on the Vikings Ally Safe Zone, a program dedicated to understanding and supporting students who identify with a sexual identity other than heterosexual, as well as those who are transgender or gender non-conforming.

The Viking Ally Safe Zone portion of the website offers a schedule of all the times they offer training for students to become Viking Allies.

The page is not just for people who identify within its community, according to Machado. One of the first links students can click on provides a glossary of terms that pertains to those who are LGBTQ.

The web page also offers a section where students can report a bias incident that happened on campus. Even if students didn’t experience the incident first hand, you can report it, while staying anonymous.

The website goes as far as offering not only local LGBTQ resources, but national resources as well. It provides students with contacts such as the health office, personal counseling, student involvement and even LGBTQ Centers in Westchester.

WCC makes strides by allowing people to educate themselves, as well as being inclusive to people from all walks of life.

“When we think of students that are in the LGBT community, a lot of times we forget about our students who aren’t out yet, and who might need these resources but are too afraid to step up and say something,” said Machado. “We also have some national resources, like the Trevor Project and the National Suicide Hotline. There are also local resources, where, suppose you don’t want to come out at school but want to go to a support group at the Loft, which is in White Plains–students now have access to those resources all in one place.”

Student Involvement is excited to see what the future holds for WCC pertaining to the LGBTQ community.

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