WCC Plans Expansion of Bookstore, Student Center

Next summer, the WCC bookstore and student center will be renovated into a larger, more spacious environment.

The main goal of this project is to connect the bookstore to the student center, which will eliminate the path to parking lot eight.

Many students use that area to get to the parking lot, and although it’s not finalized, WCC is trying to figure out how students can get to parking lot eight more easily. Most likely, student’s will be able to go through the new bookstore.

With the new renovations, the bookstore will be more spacious.

“[The bookstore] will be more open and inviting, similar to a store in a mall,” said David Sklar, Executive Director of the FSA.

In the winter, sitting outside isn’t much of an option, so WCC has decided to add more seating inside the Student Center. They plan to increase the space of the café seating area, which might take the space of the patio that is currently there. If that does happen, the patio will also be pushed farther out and expanded, according to Sklar.

The culinary dining room (the visible room on the corner of the student center) will be getting an extension as well. In addition, WCC plans to add a multipurpose room which can be used for meetings and events.

Construction is set to start during the summer of next year. According to Sklar, WCC intends to do it’s best to make sure that the renovations don’t interfere with student’s studies.

Many WCC students are taking interest in the changes coming to the bookstore and student center, seeing as it will change their experience at the college.

“I’m not too crazy about the idea. Although it would be nice not to have to walk around as much to find a seat at the student center anymore and not get caught in the rain when I go from the cafe to the bookstore,” said WCC student Julio Hidalgo. “I think they could do something better with their money. Maybe spend more on sports teams or help out some clubs more.”

WCC student Dean Scott Jr., on the other hand, thinks expanding the building is a good idea.

“Whenever I go to the student center it’s never been overly crowded. Maybe there can be more staff to sit with the people waiting to register,” Scott said. “Connecting the bookstore to the Student Center would be good especially during the cold. [A] bigger patio wouldn’t be bad either”

Some students like Noreen Zaniewski and David Lee had no problem with the current layout, but were open to planned changes.

“Usually people find the table with an outlet and enough chairs for everyone,” Lee said. “Sometimes it’s hard to walk through the area. Maybe it’ll be a good thing”

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