WCC Signs Agreement With Touro School of Health Science

WCC signed an agreement with the nursing department of Touro School of Health Science at New York Medical College. This agreement facilitates an educational transition for graduates of the WCC nursing program to Touro School of Health Science for the completion of their bachelor’s degree.

According to a press release from earlier this year, this partnership has paved the way for nursing graduates with an associate’s degree in applied science in nursing from WCC. Students with a GPA of 2.5 or better are considered worthy candidates for the program at Touro College offered this fall.

WCC Students who transfer to Touro will also achieve junior status upon arrival.

Assistant professor of nursing and chairperson for the nursing program, Lynette DeBellis, expresses how WCC students can take advantage of this particular arrangement.

“This gives students an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree close to home and with the maximum amount of credits they can take at WCC,” Debellis said. “It offers them a good opportunity financially to take up to 90 credits at WCC and then transfer those credits to Touro.”

According to Debellis, students currently in the nursing program can apply but they do have to meet a grade criteria.

“They won’t be able to start until they graduate but they can certainly apply,” Debellis said. “They have to graduate from WCC with a C+ or better in all their nursing courses.”

WCC student Elina Dufour expressed positive views of the program and the potential benefits it can provide for WCC nursing transfer students.

“As a nursing student, I think it is a great advantage that the college of Touro and Westchester Community College have an agreement together that allows nursing students a new option to pursue their studies,” Dufour said. “Indeed, many hospitals now only hire nurses that pursued a bachelor’s degree not an associate’s. So it is important for nursing students to know that they have a future and that they have many options and possibilities.”

Another WCC student, Nicole Cruz, believes that students should think about other alternatives when considering this agreement.

“I think that it is good that they have this agreement, but I think it is important that you look at your options because if you do not want to go there you don’t have to, so it is not really up to the school,” Cruz said. “You have to take the necessary steps to maximize your options. If you think you will progress better at another school then that’s the school you should go to.”

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