SGA President Zeroes in on Sexual Harassment

WCC’s newly elected Student Government President, Hamza Raja, has begun a new initiative geared towards warning students about the dangers associated with sexual harassment on the school’s campus.

Sexual harassment and its preventative measures are very common issues that are explored in many institutions and WCC is no exception. The SGA president is passionate about this project and believes that it is of the utmost importance for his administration to prevent any occurrence of this issue.

“Sexual harassment prevention is something of key importance in my administration,” Raja said. “My first point of action was to implement a sexual assault prevention link on the homepage of school website. As of right now, students have to navigate through several links just to report a sexual harassment incident.”

Raja further explained the obligation that the school feels to ensure that people affected by harassment feel secure while they are present on campus.

“I believe it is imperative that we provide the resources necessary for the victims to feel safe on campus,” Raja said. “Moreover, I am currently in works with the nurse’s office to install free feminine hygiene products.”

Raja emphasized that the issuing of feminine products to students is an idea on the agenda that has yet to be discussed.

However, Raja and the SGA promise to do all they can to ensure that their plans pertaining to the prevention of sexual harassment run as smoothly as possible.

“I don’t have a definite answer for you yet but I can assure you that the student government will do everything to make this happen,” Raja said. “I will be able to provide an update once the semester starts rolling.”

WCC student Krissy Dankwaa is in full support of the SGA’s move and sees the idea as an instrument to raise awareness.

“Yes I do believe WCC should provide a program to eliminate sexual harassment because it will give people a better understanding on how to prevent it,” Dankwaa said. “Also, it will make people aware of it so it will not happen to them.”

Westchester Community College, English professor Michelle Somma shared Dankwaas’ sentiments and believes that the SGA’S idea is of key importance.

“It should never be underestimated how prevalent sexual assault is in society,”Somma said. “Proper awareness and vigilance are key to helping prevent further instances.”

Vivien Sweeney, a WCC parent feels strongly about this issue and expresses the view that colleges need to be firm when handling such an issue.

“It’s a good move knowing that they care about what is happening to the students, a lot of colleges have a problem with sexual harassment, and some of the colleges don’t take it seriously,” Sweeney said. “Lots of student have been assaulted with the offenders getting off lightly. Look it up online, this is a common practice in colleges.”

With the growing popularity in sexual harassment cases, the SGA feels that highlighting this issue is of paramount importance to educate students to protect themselves as well as others.

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