WCC Students Should Be Extra…Curricular

Being involved in extracurricular activities is something that is drilled into students’ heads from the minute they step on campus. Student activities can be found in nearly every school nationwide.

Extracurricular activities are things that are outside of the normal realm of curriculum, like clubs and athletics.

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, indicators of a successful student include good attendance, aspiration for continuing education and academic achievement.

The study showed that participation in sports or clubs had a big effect on all of these indicators. Seniors in high school who took part in extracurricular reported better attendance than their nonparticipating classmates.

Participating students were three times more likely to perform in the top quartile on a math and reading assessment than students who didn’t involve themselves on campus, according to the study.

“Most school related extracurricular activities support increased use of our bodies and minds, and that action helps brain processes,” said Rick Gabrielly. “Active Mind, better grades.”

Extracurricular activities can be essential when it comes to student success. Many activities require you to maintain a certain GPA while keeping up attendance.

“I’ve guided both of my sons toward consistently trying new things in their lives,” said R. Gabrielly. “I see participation in extracurricular activities as a cornerstone to building a productive life.”

Extracurriculars can give students an opportunity to learn how to better work with a team and learn about themselves. They can also help students make friends and engage with classmates.

“I love being in marching band because everybody is so welcoming,” said Arlington High School senior, Max Gabrielly. “You make a lot of friends and everyone in the band is like family. It feels really good to have that many people care about you.”

Extracurriculars can also have their downside on students. Certain activities can really wear students down and even take away from their school work.

“When I was a kid I played baseball and I used to fall asleep on the bus,” said Anthony Pelose, former baseball player. “It used to really drain me and I didn’t want to do homework or anything, I just wanted to sleep through all my classes till baseball.”

Extracurriculars, especially sports, can be draining for students and it can lead them down a bad path if they don’t schedule their time wisely.

“Kids who try new activities get more stored energy out of their system, paving the way for better rest periods,” R. Gabrielly said. “When children learn to integrate their mind, body and spirit early, they become more balanced adults.”

Being involved in school activities can absolutely provide students with better time management skills and force them into a strict routine.

“When I was in baseball I was always on a strict schedule as a kid,” Pelose said. “Even as a young kid I was really regimented and scheduled and it kind of followed me into my adult life.”

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