Bee-Line Express Bus Now Comes Directly to WCC

Bee-Line bus picks up students at WCC Valhalla campus. (Photo: Samantha Colonna)

In partnership with the Bee-Line bus system, WCC added another express bus line to go from the Bronx to the Valhalla campus. According to Executive Director of the Faculty Student Association, David Sklar, this particular bus used to only stop at Westchester Medical Center and is now coming right to campus, saving students time in their commute.

“It shaves off anywhere from 20 minutes to about half an hour; it takes about 53 minutes from the Bronx and it’s direct,” Sklar said. “Previously, you had to stop in Mount Vernon and transfer to another bus, and that other bus would, again, have multiple stops.”

Previously, students had to look through multiple pamphlets to find buses going to campus, according to Sklar.

“Bee-Line had sent us a bus schedule for all the buses that come to the Valhalla campus and we have created a pamphlet that consolidates it all into one,” Sklar said. “It is going up on the college website and it shows all the buses that come to the college, how long it takes, and the buses that leave the college.”

According to Sklar, this new express bus schedule could positively affect up to a couple thousand students who commute from the Bronx.

“I have never taken the bus to campus from the Bronx because it’s just too long,” said WCC student Jade Watts who lives in the Bronx. “I’d have to take a bus, a train, another bus, and then walk.”

Bee-Line is a private company that has a partnership with the county of Westchester, according to Sklar.

“We had to work with both parties to get them to compromise and to come up with a new schedule for the 43,” Sklar stated. “Fortunately, they were very receptive.”

Through their partnership with Bee-Line, WCC is going to continue to evaluate the different bus schedules and see if there are additional ways in which the commute can be sped up for students.

“There may be other opportunities to add additional buses or add an additional stop at the college. We are looking for ways of doing that,” Sklar said. “We know commuting for students is a big issue and it takes some students an hour or more to get here and we know that they are working, so we want to make it easier and shorter for them.”

WCC plans to analyze other highly frequented bus lines and see in what ways the commute can be made easier for students.

“I won’t be able to take advantage of the 43 buses because I’m not a student at WCC anymore,” stated Roshae Ferguson, a former WCC student from Mount Vernon. “However, it would’ve been a huge help, being as though I live in Mount Vernon, I would have better and faster access to WCC.”

The Bee-Line 43 Express is the first bus line WCC has worked on and if there was an opportunity to create an easier commute, more bus schedules may be added or altered, according to Sklar.

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