Students to Host Art Exhibition on Dealing With Grief

The Kathryn Davis scholars, who were awarded full tuition scholarships, will be presenting their community service projects on Wednesday, May 17.

These projects ranged from volunteering at community centers to helping creating community gardens. However, for two students, it became a chance to help people grieve.

Fallon Gaines and Ashleigh Riley partnered up with the Treehouse Bereavement Center of Westchester, which helps with families deal with loss.

Gaines and Riley decided to use art as a medium to help families express their grief and emotions. Together, Gaines and Riley call themselves “Art Beat”.

They took their inspiration from Gaines, who lost her mother suddenly and decided to adopt her younger brother.

“Dealing with death is not something that can necessarily be taught, it is a personal journey unique to each individual,” said Riley.

Gaines and Riley completed over 40 hours of training and are now Treehouse facilitators. They took their training, along with Riley’s background in art, to help the children express their emotions through art.

Gaines and Riley will hold an art exhibition on June 7 from 5 to 8 pm in the Student Center Events Room. There will also be entertainment, food, and art for children.

They will also be holding a silent auction, and all proceeds will go directly to the Westchester Bereavement Center.

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