Hamza Raja to Succeed Henry Gulergun as SGA President

The WCC Student Government Association elected its new Executive Board and Senate members for 2017-2018. The elections were held from April 3 to April 5 on the MyWCC website, and WCC students have chosen Hamza Raja as the 2017-2018 SGA President.

An executive board was also voted in with the election process. The board is made up of six students that guide the rest of the SGA in making sure the students’ best interests are always taken into consideration.

Gulergun who has been President of the SGA for the past year, is ready to pass down the torch and all the responsibilities that come with it.

“When you start the job, you have all these crazy plans of things you want to accomplish,” said Gulergun. “When the reality of the job sets in your policies and plans have to shift according to the needs of WCC.”

Raja is looking to continue to decrease food prices, improve transportation and library hours, and improve efforts that Gulergun strove for.

Currently finishing up his first year at WCC, Raja, started out as a member of the SGA Senate. Running in the most recent election and winning the president position, Raja tallied in over 300 votes from the election, twice the amount of votes for his competitors.

“My experience on the Senate was really nice,” said Raja. “I took advantage of everything it had to offer me and I felt like it was my responsibility to represent the people that chose to elect me.”

Raja has written numerous resolutions for WCC including one that will make the sexual assault resources on the website more visible. Raja has also voiced support for undocumented students, a very controversial issue given the political climate within the United States today.

When it comes to resources on sexual assault, Raja conveyed that it was a topic that he has interest on making more public to the campus.

“It’s a difficult situation for anyone to experience,” Raja stated, and though there are pamphlets and counselors available on campus, Raja has his sights on placing helpful information on the school’s webpage which has plenty of traffic each day.

While Hamza is taking on the role of president, it’s surprising to know that he is not majoring in Political Science, but in Business. He revealed that it has become a family trade of sorts, but he is open to the possibility of a career change down the road.

“I feel like I’m capable of running a Senate,” said Raja. “I think with my experience I’ll do a good job.”

A major driving force that got him to run for the presidency was to help those around him. Raja believes that in being the SGA president he could have a greater impact on the campus.

It is a personal goal for Raja to ensure that the SGA is a high functioning committee that always keeps the students’ best interests in mind, on and off campus.

“The SGA at this point is in a very good place,” said Raja. “From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a very active student government and everything revolves around it.”

In Raja’s upcoming year in office, he hopes to continue the steps to ease transportation at WCC.

“It’s a very lengthy process,” admits the incoming president. “When I joined the senate, I sat on a temporary committee, but Henry turned it into a standing committee.”

Now a more permanent task force for the SGA to handle, it is Raja’s responsibility to continue on the progressive efforts for student transportation. With WCC being a commuter school, transportation is something everyone has to deal with, be it getting on a bus, carpooling or finding a parking spot for yourself.

“Henry has always been very passionate about transportation, as am I, and I want to continue with what he is passionate about,” said Raja.

The passion is well placed, the easier it is for students to commute to WCC grounds gives way for more people to attend the college and have a more positive experience from the ease of the commute.

Raja hopes to find better ways for WCC students to get back and forth from campus since many students spend more time sitting on the bus than they spend in the classroom, but he remains to tackle this issue from a realistic standpoint.

“The best I can do is advocate,” stated Raja, the issue of transportation can’t be solved with just a single answer.

“It’s difficult to cater to every group, but it is possible to make a difference,” – Raja.

Gulergun is very confident in Raja’s ability to make the SGA even better than it already is.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to the president to make sure the whole SGA is functioning properly and that its image is upheld,” said Gulergun. “Hamza is going to do a great job.”

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