69th Annual Commencement to Be WCC’s Largest Graduating Class

WCC will be celebrating their 69th Annual Commencement on May 18 at 6pm at the Westchester County Center in White Plains. With 2,000 students receiving their diplomas this year it will be one of the largest graduating classes in the history of the college.

Each student has been given three guest tickets for the ceremony due to limited seating. This ticketing system may be convenient for the ‘average’ nuclear family, but for those who have larger families, be it an additional sibling or extended family members, those three tickets bring a difficult choice to a graduate’s big day.

Graduates will now face the challenges of the future, life beyond Westchester campuses. Some will continue their education at four year institutions, while others will be entering the workforce.

Henry Gulergun, the SGA president for the class of 2017, will be graduating in the Commencement alongside the students he represented over the course of the school year. Gulergun plans to study political science at Binghamton University in the fall to finish out his degree.

Many of the graduating students, including Gulergun, have taken the time to reflect on their experiences at WCC. From the bonds they have made, the challenges they’ve faced and the knowledge they now possess.

“My time as a student at WCC has flown by incredibly quick,” Gulergun said. “A couple of weeks ago I was in a phase where I was wondering what I actually accomplished. Looking back on it now, I think I’ve accomplished a lot.”

According to surveys taken by Niche, an online source that gathers data about schools through public data sets and comprehensive reviews, 50% of students feel that the alumni network from WCC is very strong after graduation.

According to that same survey, 83% of students felt that the Career Center at WCC was helpful in finding them jobs or internships. Evidence from this survey suggests that a high majority of WCC graduates are employed within two years after graduating.

75% of students told Niche that they felt as though they got their money’s worth from the program. These statistics show some of WCC’s success rates among the students who attend the college.

WCC will continue to offer a diverse environment where students are able to be involved with campus clubs and organizations, gain wisdom from those who instruct them in the fields they desire to join and build relationships with their peers. Many of the people that are graduating are leaving behind great friends, who they hope to remain in contact with for years to come.

Graduation is a time where students, including those who have yet to earn their diploma, find themselves experiencing the bitter sweet sensation that comes with any transition.

Renae Morgan, a WCC student who is not graduating yet, is proud of her friends for their accomplishments at WCC, but is sadden at the realization that they will not be returning to the campus next year..

“Quite a few people who I work with are graduating and I am really going to miss them,” said Morgan, who intends to return to the campus for the fall semester. “But what I’m most sad about is that I’m staying behind.”

WCC has advised that those who are attending the graduation ceremony should leave extra time in travel plans to be able to obtain parking and avoid the increased traffic at the County Center on the night of the ceremony. All attendees will also have to pay a nominal parking fee to park on the grounds of the County Center.

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