The Importance of Experiences

As college students, we have at our fingertips a world of knowledge. We take classes to expand our view of the world beyond the point of what we already know.

In addition to knowledge, we learn who we are through our experiences.

Experiences define our lives–they influence how we feel about things, how we make decisions and how we approach situations.

Experiences are the building blocks of our lives and personalities. How we use them is entirely up to us but I try and learn from all my experiences positive and negative to make decisions and grow as a person.

Experiences help shape everything about us from our personality to our beliefs. We adapt to our surroundings based on our experiences and make decisions similarly.

Over the years we’ve learned to appreciate all experiences as opportunities to learn and grow. It’s hard to understand why certain things happen in the moment but in retrospect, the most trying times in our lives allow us to learn so much about ourselves.

Hard times can teach us who we are and what we are capable of.

Experiences have helped us understand what makes us happy and what doesn’t. They teach us to be mindful with others, to avoid being offensive or hurtful.

Our past experiences affect almost all of our decision making. Sometimes we use our experiences to avoid mistakes, sometimes we make mistakes despite what we already know. Through it, we gain more experiences, more knowledge, more clarity.

Our lives can be stressful, with exams and deadlines taking up most of these weeks. But as the semester comes to an end, we can reflect on what we have learned. We can reflect on the experiences we were able to collect. In our hands are the tools to build our futures. We are who we are because of the things we’ve seen and felt. We are who we are because of what we learned from those things. Firsts and lasts, big and small, our experiences allow us to grow into the people we are and to reach our full potential in every aspect of our lives.

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