Women Invited to Apply for Freya Moskowitz Stern Scholarship

The Freya Moskowitz Stern Scholarship was developed in memory of the Finch College graduate herself through a kind donation by her family.

This scholarship is awarded annually to four women who are 22 years of age or older and attending community colleges in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, who wish to transfer to accredited four-year institutions in the United States.

In order to become a scholarship recipient, students must maintain a 3.5 grade point average. The amount awarded to students is $5,000 and is gifted to the students in two segments: $2,500 upon acceptance to the university of her choice and $2,500 when she begins her final term at her four-year university.

This scholarship may be used for books, tuition, fees and equipment required for the students’ completion of a course. In order to apply, female students are encouraged to visit finchcollege.org and download the application form. Applications must be completed before May 15 of the application year.

WCC student Claudia Crafton expressed how she felt the scholarship could be beneficial to women, especially young mothers.

“I think this scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to all women. In today’s society there are plenty of young mothers who are raising their families, going to school, working at the same time,” Crafton said. “I feel that these women [young mothers] are the leaders of tomorrow and if they are able to get any type of financial assistance to attend school, the more the better.”

Another WCC student, Brittney Molloy expresses how she feels about the scholarship.

“I think it is a good idea but it makes me feel like I am missing out on some free money. It should be for everybody who is college age so 18 and older,” Molloy said.

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