Can’t Rain on Our Parade, Viking Day Closes Spirit Week

Student vibes to the beat. (Photo: Loren Baron)

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted Viking Day as the closing event for spirit week. Viking Day took place on Wednesday, April 12, during common hour.

This Viking Day is the continuation of SGA’s tradition of Spirit Week. These events serve to bring clubs and students together during the last few weeks of classes.

Face painting, cotton candy machines, candle making and so many other tables were set up with activities for students to do. These tables were being run by volunteers from W.A.R.Y. and other organizations.

Spirit week serves to bring WCC’s clubs together and bring fun to students one last time before the semester ends.

Spirit week also allows for the clubs to celebrate WCC itself. “…enjoying the campus community and getting people involved,” said Anya Pomales-Vazquez, Vice President of SGA.

Pomales-Vazquez had to work closely with other clubs to organize who would help work tables, and run a successful event, “I got exactly what I wanted and our purpose was achieved, getting the clubs together and getting students involved,” Pomales-Vazquez said.

The event had a rough start, as volunteers had to quickly set up tables with activities. Additionally, some students did not seem eager to participate, at first.

This quickly turned around as W.A.R.Y began to play music and set the tone of the event. Students began to show up and were eager to partake in activities.

However, midway through the event, it began to rain, which made running activities difficult.

“Of course it only rained during the 2 hours the event was planned outside which could be an event planner’s nightmare but Anya handled it well,” said Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement.

“Big Kendall” provides vibes for the day.
(Photo: Loren Baron)

Hall commended the clubs for coming together to make the event as fun and as dry as possible,“The student groups teamed up and brought tents upstairs to keep activities dry.”

Students also seemed to enjoy the event and the activities that were set up. Christian Rojas, a social science major, enjoyed the event, “I enjoyed the vibe and it was a fun experience, and everyone was really nice.”

The event continued on as students tie dyed shirts, got their faces painted, and made snowglobes. Students also danced on the Student Center lawn and enjoyed their time at the event.

The Dance Club was present as well, braving the rain to put on a great performance, “The dance club showed us their spectacular moves on the wet grass, they had a blast,” Hall said.

Secretary of SGA, Rebecca Brignolo, also spoke about the purpose of spirit week, “We wanted to bring the student population together as one community; trying to give back for their hard work for the year.”

SGA’s senators also came out to help with the event. “I wanted to make their roles more proactive,” Pomales-Vazquez said.

The feeling of unity was truly experienced among student-run organizations as they worked to keep the event going successfully. Additionally, students continued to participate in the event as it carried on.

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