Editorial: On Our Relationship With Our Parents

As community college students, our lives differ from most other college students. Many of us have stayed in the area we grew up in and still live with our parents.

Millennials are living at home longer than previous generations, and we as community college students are staying at home even longer. This creates a contradictory independence in life, while also continuing to rely on our parents into adulthood and can cause a tense or uneasy relationship in some situations.

Some of us experience a kind of palpable stigma when talking to people who have moved out.

Most of us have a good relationship with our parents, even if we don’t get time to sit down and talk with them very often. We love them, but some of us have a hard time articulating it at times.

When we come to a disagreement over an issue it takes time to fight our stubbornness but when we reach a resolution we move forward and teach each other to be better, to rise above differences.

Our parents have supported us through a lot in the past years and we do what we can to try to give back and help them out.

Our parents are a lot more like our friends now—we go out for happy hours and just enjoy each other’s company. They’re still our parents and we have our problems but our relationships with them have evolved.

While many see their parents on a daily basis, others live thousands of miles away from their families. We speak to them often and while we don’t have the burden to live at home as adults, we also don’t have the privilege of spending time with the people we love most.

Sometimes, people who are not related to us become part of our family. They take us in and we accept and trust them. Sometimes, all it takes to find a family away from your family is to care deeply and selflessly.

Most of us are fortunate to have supporting parents, they’re 100% behind what we choose to do no matter what it is, so long as it is beneficial to us.

Our parents are our role models—their hard work and dedication inspires us. We look up to them.

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