Stance, Movement, Palm Strikes, Oh My!

Student applies newly learned Krav Maga techniques (Photo: Loren Baron)

Rachele Hall of Student Involvement, Erin O’Neill and Trish Formisano from Krav Maga New York, hosted an event called “Do You Fight Like a Girl?” on March 21 in the STC Event room.

It was one of many events that were a part of Women’s History Month. Students were taught the fundamental techniques of Krav Maga. They were taught the stance, movement, palm strikes, knee strikes and low kicks, along with one self-defense move, a choke from the front.

At the end of the seminar students were able to incorporate everything they learned into a stress drill.

This has been Krav Maga New York’s 4th Event at WCC over the past 2 years.

“It has been a pleasure working with the staff and students of WCC,” said Erin O’Neill, instructor of Krav Maga New York.

Although the theme of the class was aimed at girls, half of the class were boys. The students were excited to throw some kicks and punches and learn something new.

The class was equipped with strike shields and uppercut shields. The students partnered up. Repetition was key when giving every new Krav Maga move, building muscle memory as the instructors watched over them and guided each student in their form.

“I thought the class was lots of fun and very informative,” says Claudia Guiracocha, a Liberal Arts and Life Sciences student.

Not only were the student really enjoying the class, the instructors were as well.

“We run these seminars so we can give back to our community. We believe that everyone especially, students should have some form of self-defense skills under their belts,” said O’Neill.

“It is always cool when we come back to the school and see familiar faces, and meet first time attendees as well,” said O’Neill

”It’s always great to see the transformation of students from the beginning of the seminar to the end. In the beginning, it’s a brand new experience, first time nerves, working with new people,” said O’Neill.

“By the end everyone is working as a team, encouraging each other to do their best, and you can see their confidence start to build with each strike they throw,” – Erin O’Neill.

What started out as awkward became a bonding experience between each student. It was the stress drilled that allowed every student in the class to work together.

“During a stress drill one person is in the middle and the students on the out sided with the shield approach the student in the middle and that student just strikes non stop till another person approaches.”

At the heart of Krav Maga students were told that Krav Maga is simple and works with your instincts. The moves all seemed attainable. They were easy to learn regardless of gender, size or age.

The instructor created really life scenarios and explained the best way to respond. After you’ve neutralized the threat by defending yourself make sure not to turn your back on them as you walk away and always look for an exit.

Krav Maga New York sent out an email to students stating that they are looking to come back next semester. They are also offering them a free trial.

“We want to thank all of the students who have joined us over these past 4 events. We are looking to come back next semester and we hope to see you there,” read the email from KMNY.

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