Editorial: On Kindness

We have a tendency to rush through life, trying to cross everything off our to-do list, turning in that essay before deadline, studying for that test the morning of, getting to work on time after class. We are busy and stressed and in between the two it is easy to forget to be kind to the people we interact with every day.

Kindness requires minimal effort.

How can we be kinder? Maybe all it takes is to simply smile, even if we don’t want to. Just smiling at people can make all the difference–faking happiness can lead us to actually be happier.

Showing people respect and being polite is a way we could go about being kinder. Little acts of kindness like holding the door for someone can make a huge difference in someone’s day and maybe it can inspire them to be kinder, too.

Kindness requires only a small amount of effort. We have to remember to think before we act or react.

If everyone was kinder to each other, everything around us might go more smoothly.

If we pay attention to the small details that another person may do in order to make our lives easier, we can find a way to do the same.

People have a tendency to be mean or rude to others when they alter their emotions in a negative manner. If we train ourselves to avoid conflict instead of causing it, we can strive to be kinder. It’s more important to be empathetic to other people’s experience. We have all had days where we’ve encountered people who are angry, short-tempered, or downright mean to us when we interact with them.

The first step to kindness is understanding. By doing this, we may even gain a better grasp of ourselves.

When faced with conflict, it can help to take a step back and really think before we speak.

Being kinder affects the people around us just as much as ourselves. When we put positive things out into the world, they are reflected back to us.

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