Modesty a Valid Expression of Feminism

The two constant aspects feminists focus on is gender equality and empowering females to feel just as capable as males are taught to feel.

To some, modesty is the key to gaining equality in a man’s world while empowering themselves.

Feminism is targeted at the man who sees a woman as less than a man—a man who just sees women as a sexual object or a submissive mother.

Some blame the sexualualization of women for the inequality gap.

A study has been done on male behavior on how men react when shown ‘sexy’ women. Data has been collected that shows a lack of activity in the social cognition area.

“The lack of activation in this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens,” says lead researcher Susan Fiske, a psychologist at Princeton University. Instead, the section of the brain associated with tool use lights up.

The study wasn’t just done on misogynistic men but on men who were selected at random.

For the modest feminist, we accept lust as an emotion that we all have for the opposite sex. We are meant to procreate.

“I don’t think the attraction between men and women is going anywhere,” said Danisha Freeman, a Social Science major.

Modest women believe the lack of sexualization in dressing modestly forces men to judge women by their intellect and character.

The attitude of many modest women is an elevated self-worth and a sense of control over how man judge them.

The point is not to convince men that women are not beautiful or shouldn’t be lusted over. Instead, the point is to recognize the evolutionary fact about lust and adapt.

Every person has their own idea of how to empower women and everyone discovers for themselves what is most empowering. These ideas have been coined a new section of feminism called “pluri empowerment” by Iza Dezon, a trend forecaster at Peclers Paris, a fashion forecasting and consulting business, while the discussion of modesty becomes more prevalent in fashion.

The modest feminist is  just another perspective on how to combat gender inequality and create empowerment. The modest woman’s goal is to treat their bodies as their temple. For a modest woman, there is nothing more empowering and respectful than being judged by your character rather than your looks.

On one side, some women wish to desexualize the female body by making it a common thing. Taking inspiration from indigenous African tribes, where women walk around topless and not a man blinks an eye.

On the other hand women want to desexualize themselves by covering their bodies so they can be seen as equal.

Bottom line, feminism is both a movement for equality and empowerment of women and there is no dress code. Each person lives in their own reality.

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