WCC Students Decorate Bowls for Homeless Charity

The Arts Club, Benefit Access Center and the Food Bank for Westchester pulled off a fully packed Empty Bowls Event. The event took place in the Culinary Arts Dining Room Wednesday March 29 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm.

The Empty Bowl Event allowed students to decorate white bowls with sharpie markers that will help a cause. The decorated bowls will be sold after at The Food Bank for  Westchester’s first ever “Miles for Meals 5K” in September.

When decorating the bowls students had to keep in mind that they wanted someone to buy their bowls. There were bowls already decorated as a guide and example of what the instructors meant when telling the students to be consistent in their design.

Before students walked into the Student Center they were persuaded to go to the event by the colorful writing on the the floor, advertising free food.

“It’s hard to imagine it not be a success. Free food, creating art and helping a cause,” said Vanessa Ore, a psychology student at WCC.

Even the students who claimed to not be very artistic jumped in to make a bowl to help the cause.

“It’s fun and beautiful,” said Danisha Freeman, President of the Muslim Student Club.

When walking into the culinary arts dining room, students were given a raffle ticket. Throughout the event there were multiple giveaways. There were sunglasses, pencils, and the most wanted of all, portable changers.

“I thought the Empty Bowls event was a great success and it was amazing to see so many students and faculty excited about a cause.” – Madeline Sulla, Community Events Coordinator for the Food Bank of Westchester

As the Art Club guided and helped students with decorating, the Benefits Access Center had several announcements about the school pantry.

On the flyer there was a slogan for the event “Decorate A Bowl, Make A Difference” along with a quote by Dorothy Day, “Peace begins when the hungry are fed.”

“One in every five Westchester residents faces food insecurity—that’s about two hundred thousand of our neighbors,” said Sulla. She emphasized the impact and importance of the event and all that the Food Bank of Westchester aims to do. “I know a lot of people I spoke to mentioned that they didn’t know that WCC had a food pantry at all, so I think a lot of people’s eyes were opened to a bigger issue here.“

(All photos: Javier Williams)

The result of the event was a place to create and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

“The symbolism of the bowls was definitely not lost on people either,” Sulla said. “The whole point of calling the event ‘Empty Bowls’ was to show that each bowl being painted represents a hungry neighbor, and when the bowls are sold, that will represent a hungry neighbor being fed.”

Overall the event was a success with several students contributing original artwork. Next step is to look forward to auctioning the bowls off.

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