WCC Holds Women’s March for Inclusion to Speak out for Equal Rights

WCC held The Women’s March for Inclusion, which was put together by Student Involvement, Student Government, and the Women’s Union. The march took place on Thursday, March 30, on campus.

The event took its inspiration from the women’s marches that sprung up after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency back in November of 2016. WCC’s version of the march was an effort to unite students.

Students turned out with pre-made signs that read different politically charged messages. Such messages included “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” as well as “No Human Is Illegal” to mention a few.

President Miles was present and counted down to commence the march.

“Not only am I out here standing for something I believe in, so is my college president, and that’s awesome,” said Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement.

The march began outside the Student Center and made its way around campus. Marchers returned to the lawn of the Student Center, where there were speeches from distinguished guests.

A committee of students was assembled to plan the march. The committee formally met in February to discuss details about getting students involved.

The committee consisted of six people: Jacqueline Reichman, an English professor, Jessica Gramajo, who works for Student Involvement, Tamika Daguizan, President of the Woman’s Union, Henri Gulergun, SGA President, Rebecca Brignolo, SGA Secretary, and Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement.

“I don’t believe that anyone should be held down because of who they are,” —Tamika Daguizan.

The committee spoke about how to approach the march and how to organize it. They were able to organize and put the march together in time to close off Women’s History Month.

Mary Jane Shimsky, from the Westchester County Board of Legislators, attended the march and spoke to people in attendance. “Women’s rights are human rights, we are first class citizens, we are entitled to the proper healthcare,” said Shimsky.

Additionally, Alfreda Williams, also from the Westchester County Board of Legislators, was present and gave a short speech. “What you are doing today is extremely important,” said Williams.

“Women are not the weaker sex, they are the stronger sex,” Williams said. “We can do lots of different things at the same time, so that makes us even stronger.”

Greenburgh Town Supervisor, Paul Feiner, also spoke at the march. “When I look at you, I’m saying to myself, ‘Who among you will be President of the United States?’” said Feiner.

Additionally, the Women’s Union President, Tamika Daguizan, spoke to students about her experiences growing up and how they have shaped her.

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