WCC Holds March for Inclusion During Women’s History Month

Women’s March for Inclusion will take place Thursday, March 30. (Poster: Marco Lazaro)

WCC will be holding it’s own version of a women’s march titled “Women’s March for Inclusion”. This event will be concluding women’s history month on WCC campus.

The event is being supported by the Women’s Student Union as well as the Student Government Association. The march will take place on Thursday, March 30, at 3:30pm until 6pm. Kickoff will at the quad outside of the Student Center.

Jacqueline Reichman, organizer of the event and adjunct English professor, hopes the event will serve as an open forum for students, faculty, staff and the community to express beliefs.

“By encouraging student activism we hope that students and the community will feel like they have a voice in these issues,” said Reichman.

The march will focus on issues such as reproductive rights, racism, intolerance, and the importance of saving the planet from global warming.

Additionally, there will be a voter registration mobilization to encourage students to register to vote in November. This will help increase the number of voters in future elections.

Women’s marches have become a common occurrence since the inauguration of President Trump. The marches have served to demonstrate people’s outrage of the election of Trump to office, as well as his political agenda and beliefs.

The first women’s march was held in Washington D.C. the day after Trump assumed office on January 21. The marches have been held in other states such as New York, Seattle and Arizona.

The marches have served as unifiers against discrimination and hate, which became prominent after the election of Trump. People march for LGBTQ inclusion, Black Lives Matter and immigrant rights as well.

Along with the march being held on campus, there will be a protest sign-making workshop during common hour on March 29.  This workshop will be held in the Student Center Events room.

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