Russian Seasons Dance Receives Standing Ovation From Audience

The Russian Seasons Dance Company put on a Celebration of World Dance in the Academic Arts Theatre on Friday, March 17.

This Smart Arts event highlighted dances from all over the world such as Argentina and Ireland. Dances featured were Tango, Flamenco, and Cossack, to name a few.

The show comes to WCC as the company tours across the United States. The company had come up from North Carolina, where they had performed two days earlier.

The performance focused on elaborate dances paired with intricate music to allow a looking glass into another culture. Additionally, the costumes of the dancers highlighted the different cultures they were expressing.

During the tango, the female dancers’ dresses accentuated their natural curves and the dance itself. This allowed for the audience to truly experience the dance and the culture.

The company is lead by choreographer and artistic director Nikolay Androsov, who originated the Russian Seasons Dance Company in Moscow in 1991. This is when Moscow’s State Dance Company became the Russian Seasons Dance Company.

Androsov spoke about how he came up with the concept for “Celebration of World Dance”. “Twenty years ago we made it, basic styles and different styles came together, and now we’re on our twenty fifth year.”

Additionally, Androsov spoke about the company’s enthusiasm for the different styles of dance they perform. “Especially for the company, it’s very interesting for them, the different styles and the whole program.”

Paula Rubenstein, director of Smart Arts, described the event as “one of the most unique, choreographed pieces.” Rubenstein also praised the company’s use of music to highlight different cultures.

“It was a real tour around the world, seeing so many types of music and dance moves.”

Androsov’s company focuses on exposing audiences to dances and music from around the world. Audience members enjoyed the show and thought that it was very well done.

“It was extraordinary,” said Madeline, a local resident who chose not to disclose her last name. “It was very unusual and the talent was amazing,” said Madeline.

Jamie Schadeo, a mother who was at the performance with her three sons and husband, said, “Overall it was an excellent performance, it covered different cultural dances.” She also commended the dancers on their effort.

“The dancers put forth all of their effort and it was well done,” Schadeo said.

WCC students were also in attendance and spoke about the music and dancers. “The music was very nice and you could hear it before you entered the auditorium” said Giovani, a student.

“Then when you came in, the performers seemed like they were very excited about what they were doing,” Giovani said.

The performance was well received by the audience who would clap along during certain portions of different dances. Additionally, the audience was in good spirits throughout the performance.

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