Healthy Food Bites To-Go: These Are A Few of My Favorite (Healthy) Things

The search is always on for sustainable treats that will act as durable logs for the internal fire in the body that burns at mealtime.

This is not the inflammation associated with ill health, caused by overeating (namely processed junk food). To the contrary, this is the good flame (the body’s natural pilot light) that supports a healthy metabolism and digestion that results from a well-chosen meal or snack. It’s only poor food choices that stand between us and a feel-good day, regardless of what’s on the calendar.

To this end, as both a health seeker and practitioner, I am dedicated to the daily pursuit of thriving. I continue to uncover health-related products, find and share them.

Consider adding these recently road-tested favorite healthy things to your rotation and explore the gentle, sustainable energy they can provide.

Going Nutso for Nut Butter

New on the shelves at Trader Joe’s is a nutrient-rich, six nut butter spread made from healthy fats: almonds, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and pecans with just a pinch of sea salt. Missing is the addition of processed sugar and fats found in many nut and seed butters on supermarket shelves. This nut-so nut butter adds additional mixed nut pieces to the jar.  Booyah!

Fight Fire with Phyter

The food industry is flooded with energy bars marketed as healthy. Most manufacturers are sugar-coating the truth.

Sugar, not sourced from fruit, is quick to zap energy, pile on the pounds and hijack health. A new super clean energy bar made exclusively from ripe, unprocessed plants has arrived from Phyter Food ( With flavors like beets + cocoa, butternut squash + peanut butter, sweet potato + coconut (tastes like carrot cake!) it’s hard to choose.  Fight for your health making smart bar choices.

Game Changer:
No Waffling Here

Traditional waffles and pancakes, while delicious, can leave us wanting to snooze through a lecture or take a nap under the library table. These Ezekiel Sprouted grain waffles (makers of Ezekiel bread) from Food for Life, are a wonderful wake up call.

These nutrient-dense waffles, perfect for eating healthy on-the-go, are made from 100% Sprouted flour that gets digested in the body like a vegetable! Packed with 10g of plant protein per serving, 8g of fiber and zero dairy or refined sugar, there is no waffling over the superior
nutrition found here.


Last summer, Coconut Snacks from the Creative Snacks Company were awarded “Best Sweet Snack” from the Specialty Food Association. They have just landed on the shelves of Bed, Bath and Beyond. These organic superfood snacks are an irresistible combination of coconut and super seeds (chia, pumpkin and sunflower) and dried fruits and nuts (cranberry, cashew and almond) gently sweetened to perfection. It’s the perfect Easter basket stuffer!

A Burst of Sunshine
Whatever the Weather

Whether you’re being rained on with deadlines or addressing an unending to-do list, taking breaks to recharge during the day is essential for productivity. Try this favorite sustainable Lemon Hand & Body Lotion from Avalon Organics, available at Whole Foods Market and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Massage one pump of the lotion over your hands. Create a steeple with your hands in front of your nose. Shut your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and benefit from the aromatherapeutic benefits of the lotion’s lemon essential oil.

You will escape to a place of relaxation, even just for a minute. You deserve it.


Calling all healthy eating enthusiasts! Do you have a burning question about eating well? Is there a delicious food find that you have to share? A clean cooking secret, eating tip or healthy hack that is a coveted part of your daily healthy living regime?

Email us at HealthyFoodBitesToGo@VIKINGNEWS.NET for a chance to be featured in the Viking News! We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s take a healthy bite out of change together!

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