WCC Signs Articulation Agreements with Lincoln, Delaware State University

WCC signed articulation agreements with Lincoln University and Delaware State University on Nov. 7.
The agreements are effective immediately, with the purpose of ensuring a smoother transfer for WCC students, according to Danielle DiGrazia, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at WCC.
“[The college] has made great strides in developing articulation agreements with four-year colleges. Articulation agreements help ensure that WCC’s associate degree graduates transfer to four-year colleges with junior status and two-years of full-time study remaining to graduate with a baccalaureate degree,” DiGrazia said. “WCC is especially interested in securing articulation agreements with Historically Black Colleges and Universities called HBCUs.”
Recent reports indicate that the student population is 33% Hispanic and 41% Black, according to the WCC website.
“WCC has the highest percentage of Hispanic students and the second highest percentage of Black students in the State University of New York system. As a result of this increase in diversity, President Miles is committed to making sure opportunities are available to WCC students to advance their education at HBCUs,” DiGrazia said.
When asked how articulation agreements affect WCC students specifically, DiGrazia stated they act as “a safe-guard and guarantee so that students will have a seamless transfer experience. It is important that credits transfer and apply to students’ majors, so students do not waste time and money taking additional courses.”
According to DiGrazia, Delaware State University and Lincoln University were selected to attract Westchester Community College graduates because they are not too far away from the tri-state area, which many students call home.
“Delaware State University is an HBCU, it has a small student-to-faculty ratio, and it is located in the historical city of Dover, the capital of Delaware. It is a small institution with a large number of programs with state-of-the art facilities use cutting-edge technology to advance scientific research,” explains DiGrazia.
Lincoln University, located 45 minutes south of Philadelphia, “was the nation’s first degree-granting HBCU. It provides small class sizes, and it has excellent facilities for lab simulations,” says DiGrazia. “Its faculty has a keen interest in growing their Nursing program, especially with black males.”
According to DiGrazia “articulation agreements occurred organically between faculty in specific disciplines at various institutions prior to the current centralized effort. For example, WCC could sign an articulation agreement in the business discipline with one institution, and an agreement in the nursing discipline with another institution. Now, greater emphasis is placed on what four-year colleges can offer WCC’s graduates and how such programs align with every program of study at Westchester Community College, with the goal to maximize the number of transfer opportunities for WCC graduates at every institution.”
The articulation agreement initiative is now requesting scholarships specifically for Westchester Community College graduates, according to DiGrazia. “Additionally, pathways are identified to align associate degrees with bachelor degrees and master’s degrees, so WCC students can identify seamless pathways from one degree to another. This is called a ‘2+2+1’ agreement, signifying two years of full-time study at the associate’s level, two years of full-time study at the bachelor’s level, and one more year of study in order to obtain a master’s degree.”

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