Healthy Food Bites To-Go

Are you always on the hunt for the next good thing to slather on toast, toss over a salad, or keep spirits high on particularly stressful days? I have an insatiable appetite for finding and sharing good-for-you goodies. Here are some of my favorites. These finds come from many places including supermarkets, retail store chains and big box store shelves. But, like gold, one needs to dig for them.
Shoulda Put a Lock on it


Ever purchase or prepare guacamole and try to store the leftovers, only to find that the dip has browned when you return to enjoy it again? At last, a guacamole storage system that takes the air out of that experience once and for all! Guac LockTM promises to keep your guacamole green to the last dip-filled chip using a container designed to keep the air out. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Oh My, Meyer Lemons


Thin-skinned, extra aromatic Meyer lemons are prized by chefs and loved by home cooks. The entire lemon is edible, including the peel and white pith that houses its juicy flesh. For a short season, Costco is carrying these golden jewels in bulk. Squeeze one into hot water in the AM for extra energy. They’re perfect sliced over hummus on toast (kale greens optional.)

Health in a Hurry
“This book is not meant to change you in a weekend,” states author and Integrative physician Dr. Frank Lipman in the opening of his pint-sized book The New Health Rules. This feel-good, living well manual is designed for taking charge of your health through simple changes. And if you are one who has begun to stockpile ‘stocking stuffers’ for those you really care about, don’t miss this one.

Brownie Butter #micdrop
The front label of this Protein + Almond Butter by D Natural’s reads Brownie Batter. Such text conjures up a decadent bowl of brownie batter right before it gets loaded into a brownie pan and placed into the oven to bake. When I opened this jar of “FLUFFBUTTER”, as it is called, and tasted it, I was blown away that such a decadent indulgence was so high in protein (11g per 2 tablespoon serving) and so low in sugar (1 gram per serving.) Gentle, plant-based sweeteners, including Monk Fruit and Stevia, are listed last on the ingredient label – good sign! The #1 ingredient is almonds, followed by organic rice protein. This sweet sensation is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Sweet.

Sometimes we all need a cookie break. This saucer-sized, fresh-baked Complete (peanut butter) Cookie from Lenny and Larry’s has crispy edges and a chewy center. It contains 16 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber for the whole cookie, which is two servings. Vegan, dairy-free, kosher and soy-free, this cookie is popping up in vitamin shops, sporting good stores and fitness facilities as a healthier alternative than traditional cookies, which are prepared with energy-zapping white flour and refined sugar.

After attending the International Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, I was energized by the discovery of the following healthy food finds. Keep an eye out for delicious newcomers where you shop. Check out their websites online, and discover a vast assortment of healthy online food offerings on Amazon that can be shipped right to your door!
Macadamia milk is a non-dairy, plant-based milk alternative which is more commonly known to the home cook who owns a high performance blender. Now entering the milk category with an impressive nutritional profile is MilkadamiaTM, sourced from sustainably-raised macadamia nuts grown in sunny Australia. Rich in healthy fat, these nuts make for an insanely rich nut milk, much like coconut milk, but without the intense tropical flavor. Look for this one on the shelf in the grocery section rather than the chilled dairy case. You’ll MOO over this one.


Eat Well Embrace Life is introducing the ‘Other bean’ hummus (not made from chickpeas) but rather red and yellow lentils, edamame, black beans and white beans. Offered in innovative flavors like Sriracha Carrot, Beet, Wasabi White Bean and Cucumber, these healthy dips that taste like you made them at home are sure to boost intentions for healthy snacking!

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