Editorial: Freedom of The Press

The Viking News is a student run news publication that adheres to moral and ethic rights. As a free press it is up to us to cover events and ideas that we find newsworthy and meet our biweekly publication process.

We do not answer to any one from administration, student involvement, teachers and or clubs.
Although we meet with representatives from all parties, it is up to us to decide whether or not the topics generated from those meetings should or should not be discussed or further investigated.

We will never turn anyone away from our office but by no means are we obligated to write stories or articles that praise any individual or association.

The Viking News has had a tradition of meeting with WCC’s president regularly since President Hankin was in office–future editors will continue to meet with WCC presidents–as it is important for us to establish a process which will allow us to attain information and points of view from opposing parties in an appropriate manner.

We believe that is important for all voices to be heard. Our publication aims to be a key information source that is neither biased or unfair, we are supposed to serve as watchdogs which means more than just monitoring powerful institutions in society.

Finley Peter Dunne once translated the watchdog role “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” this is not what we aim to do but we should serve as the voice for those who have none.

Our newspaper is directed to our fellow WCC students and the Westchester County residents to inform and entertain.

The first amendment of the United States guarantees the rights of free expression and action that are fundamental to democratic government, including freedom of the press.

With warm regards,

The Viking News

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