Chelsea Chic: Athleisure’s Spring Takeover

What is “athleisure”?

Athleisure is athletic wear that you can work out in or just throw on to run to your local Starbucks. In today’s world, sports and fashion are walking hand in hand, but what does this mean for the fashion industry?

Boys, throw away those old sweats and beat-up hoodies; ladies, let’s put down those overwashed and overused leggings! NIKE prides its brand with the ability to produce fashion-forward products while maintaining functionality. NIKELAB gives the opportunity for its designers to step out of the locker room and into the realm of high fashion.

With Rihanna partnering with PUMA and Kanye West continuing his work with Adidas, it makes sense that NIKELAB would want high-profile collaborators for their new campaign. Rapper Fetty Wap and recording artist and music producer Travis Scott were brought on board as sponsors of the campaign. Lastly, one of the most sought out designers, Riccardo Tisci, has also teamed up with NIKE for the athleisure line.

The Givenchy designer went to Instagram to give everyone a sneak peek of the collection. The assortment of athletic wear will be designed in black and white and will also include the ferment printed as shown in the Instagram posts.

The collection will not only be stylish but will also be durable enough to stand up against the hardest workout and most competitive athletes.

For the ladies who are more into athleisure wear for the comfort and style rather than athletics, this fabulous but functional line of clothes is perfect for a busy college student on the go.

Beyoncé Carter is releasing her new line with TopShop and she made it very clear that this is not a collaboration but an entire brand on its own.

The line has been granted the name Ivy Park, which was one of Beyoncé’s favorite places as a child. The news came all wrapped up in a two-minute video narrated by Beyoncé, with a cameo by her daughter, Blue Ivy.

The line will include sleeveless hoodies, sports bras, headbands, leggings, available in adult as well as kid sizes. The prices will run from $30 to $200, which is an amazing steal for being able to rock some designs straight from Beyoncé. Now that brings athleisure to another level.

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