Healthy Food Bites To Go: These Are a Few of My Favorite (Healthy) Things

I am on a constant search for new and improved food items from supermarket shelves. The process of eating better has to be fun and without a doubt delicious. When I choose wisely, not only do I feel more balanced, but I am more energetic and feel less stressed. I need not give up the foods I love when I make healthier food choices. There are satisfying new versions of favorite foods in the supermarket aisles that taste great. They fuel my mood and performance.

So, in hot pursuit of high-energy foods that can keep your engine running, here are some of my favorite healthy supermarket finds to keep you motivated making healthy choices on-the-run.

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Be KIND to Your Body

KIND® has added a line of gluten-free, soft-baked bars with a crispy outside providing 21 grams of whole grain goodness. The 5 super grains included in the bar include quinoa, oats, amaranth, buckwheat and millet. Enjoy on-the-go with a cup of protein-rich Greek yogurt or grab and go with your morning Joe. Flavors offered include: Blueberry Almond, Raspberry Chia, Peanut Butter, Honey Oat and Dark Chocolate Cocoa.

A Cool Aid

These advanced, balanced electrolyte powder packets from Ultima® offer optimal hydration using complex carbohydrates and no refined sugar. They are sweetened naturally with Stevia leaf. The word “electrolyte” comes from the words meaning “carry” and “energy”. Electrolytes are found in the healthiest foods we eat, such as fruits and vegetables. If you can imagine a healthy version of Kool-Aid®, this cool aid is it. Add a packet to your water bottle to keep performance levels high.

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Pocket Fuel

This nut butter story begins with a 20-something cyclist in Boulder Colorado who was looking to fuel his rides and created a delicious culinary nut butter line in his kitchen. The packets contain natural ingredients and plenty of protein. The Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple Almond Butter squeeze packs are a decadent treat and the perfect size to keep in the car when you travel or in a locker if they last!

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Sweet Pieces

Dark chocolate-dipped cocoa nibs are the perfect healthy indulgence. Cocoa nibs are roasted cocoa beans broken into small pieces. Their texture is similar to a coffee bean. Nibs are packed with antioxidants which are commonly found in tea, grapes and berries as well. Dipped nibs from Sweet Riot® (and also available under the Trader Joe’s label) are perfect for snacking or adding to your favorite healthy trail mix. For coffee-lovers there is a version with a hint of espresso.

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Exploding Pretzel Logic

I love these ‘sprouted’ pretzel shells. They are made from a unique 100% whole grain sprouted flour that is easily digested. The USDA classifies properly sprouted flour as a vegetable rather than a starch. Its nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. They have no no sugar, saturated fat or preservatives as do most packaged pretzels.

Raising the Bar

What first makes the Perfect Bar stand out is that it is located in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. These bars pack in nutritious vegetable powders including kale, spinach, celery and alfalfa, organic fruit and protein-rich almond and peanut butter. Perfect Bars offer a fresher alternative to bars with shelf-stabilizers and fillers.

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Pasta-less Pastas

This pasta is made from chickpeas and pea protein. It has double the protein and quadruple the fiber of traditional pastas with almost half of the net carbs. Each 3.5 oz serving offers 25 grams of plant protein. Boom!

Preparing Riced Cauliflower used to be a time-consuming process requiring a cheese grater or a food processor. Now Green Giant has done the work for you. Trader Giotto’s has an organic version for $1.99 that flies off the shelf so fast they will only put two boxes out each day so get there early.

I made an informal Cauliflower Fried Rice last week. For those who love fried rice and might have gone on to appreciate Quinoa Fried Rice, this plant-powered version is a simple and quick healthy alternative.

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Cauliflower Fried Rice

Pull a bag of frozen Cauliflower Crumbles or Riced Cauliflower from the freezer. Chop up a medium-sized onion, two carrots and two celery stalks. Sweat the chopped onion with a gurgle of either olive oil or coconut oil in a frying pan. Add two cloves of garlic and cook on medium heat. In a separate pan defrost a bag of frozen spinach. If you prefer fresh spinach, add it after other vegetables (carrots and celery) are cooked down in the pan.

When onions are opaque in color add the carrots and celery and sauté them until tender. Add spinach and toss in pan. Lower the heat under pan to a low flame. Optional: Add a generous sprinkle of either parmesan cheese or plant-based nutritional yeast to add a cheesy flavor to this dish. Top with your favorite chopped nuts. (I like to toast them first at 350 degrees for two minutes.) Toasted coconut adds rich flavor too. (I like to a keep an air-tight jar of toasted flaked coconut in my pantry real time-saver.)

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Cooler Whip

For those familiar with Cool Whip, this nostalgic fluffy “whipped cream” mixture contains little in the way of ingredients that are real or healthy. Don’t let the word natural fool you. An ingredient label on a container of Kraft Cool Whip reveals nearly a dozen questionable ingredients. Water is really the only recognizable ingredient. Enter a new coconut whipped topping called Coco Whip from So Delicious. It’s contains zero trans fats and no hydrogenated oils. It’s dairy, soy and gluten free. Coco Whip can be found in the grocer’s freezer just feet away from its nostalgic predecessor. The similarity in taste is uncanny. The upgrade is seismic.

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