Editorial: Trump Is Not a Ladies Man

Donald Trump’s campaign trail has begun to dissipate in recent days, and the public is showing a more unfavorable stance to the GOP front runner.

In a recent poll done by the Washington Post, Trump is showing an overall unfavorable rate of 67 percent. He has been notorious for making discriminate remarks against immigrants, Muslims and most recently, women.

The presidential candidate has made a comment that women who seek out to have an abortion should have “some form of punishment,” he later recanted that statement, but this could still cost him the votes down the road.

On a CNN poll conducted in March, 73 percent of women claimed they had a negative view towards the business man. This is one trend that Trump should try to appeal to, given that since the 1980’s women have been more likely to vote than men.

Even within the Republican party, 47 percent of the women in the party couldn’t see themselves supporting Trump, reported by the Huffington Post.

Women make up half the country, and when looking at these statistics, it’s clear that Trump has almost blocked himself off from a majority of female voters.

It’s not a surprise however that women dislike him so much, given his reputation with women. The GOP front runner has made many remarks against women in the past, belittling and crude sexual comments as well as insulting Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi.

One of his favorite targets as of late has been Fox News host, Megyn Kelly. A feud still on going, after the reporter asked him a tough but fair question, regarding his statements against women.

“Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?,”

Since then, Trump has made several attacks against the female reporter, but his views on journalism has never been favorable.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass,” he told Esquire back in 1991.

Beauty and sex appeal seem to be the only things that Donald J. Trump is concerned about when it comes to the opposite sex. The man even owned the Miss USA beauty pageant for a period of time.

Indeed, Trump will have a hard time trying to improve his image to women voters, but it’s unlikely that he will even make the effort to connect with this, or any other group of voters, he has offended so far.

One common phrase heard from Trump supporters is that they like how he speaks his mind, but how long will it be before this presidential candidate says something that locks him from yet another demographic?

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