Kim’s Corner: Video Game Review – Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow (5/5)

Platform: 3DS
ESBR Rating: E, for Everyone

Feb 27, 2016 marked the 20 year anniversary for when the first two Pokemon games, Red and Green, were first released in Japan, along with the games being released two years later in the US as Red and Blue.

For the celebration, Nintendo re-released both on the 3DS, along with Pokemon Yellow. For those who do not know, the main Pokemon games are always released in pairs.

They are identical, except for a few minor changes, such as certain Pokemon being exclusive to certain versions. They aren’t released this way to have people buying both versions, but to have people trading with other Pokemon trainers.

There isn’t a complex story to these games. Simply, you are sent on a journey by Professor Oak to fill up your entire Pokedex of 150 known Pokemon.

This is done by finding Pokemon in the wild and battling them until they are weak enough and catch them with a Pokeball. The battles are turn based and each Pokemon can know up to four moves.

New moves are learned by leveling up, and many Pokemon evolve to a different stage at certain levels. Each Pokemon captured belongs to a different type, which makes them vulnerable to certain moves from opposing types.

Along with filling up your Pokedex, you are training your Pokemon to beat all the eight gym leaders on your journey to become a Pokemon master. After that, you will be on your way to face the Elite Four, a group who uses the most powerful type of Pokemon in the game.

Back in the day when these games were first released, you had to meet up with friends and use a link cable to plug in your GameBoy with another in order to battle and trade Pokemon with another person.

Now that they have been released for the 3DS, Nintendo was able to replicate the features of the link cable so you can use the wireless connection on the 3DS.

You are also able to use the PokeBank with these games to store your Pokemon. The Pokebank is the only way to be able to move your Pokemon from Red, Blue, and Yellow to the new versions Pokemon Sun and Moon, which have been announced to release during the Holiday of 2016.

Pokemon has come a very long way with many other installments in the franchise, including 721 Pokemon created in total so far in comparison to the original 150.

Even after this, the original games are still a lot fun to play and brings back nostalgia for gamers, along with being able to introduce new fans to these old favorites.

We rate this: 5/5

We rate this: 5/5

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