Healthy Food Bites To-Go: Nourishing Your Body Beyond Meals

If you were asked the question, ‘How did you nourish yourself today?’ you might be inclined to recall foods you ate throughout your day – meals, snacks and liquid nutrients.

The food we consume is only one form of nourishment. By definition, to nourish means to provide oneself with food necessary for growth, for life.

Beyond edibles, the food we chew or sip is a secondary food source which is not found on our plates. How we nourish the body, mind and spirit casts a wide net around daily self-care rituals.

These include sleep, exercise, stress management, spirituality, relationships, pursuit of personal passions and career.


provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. (Google)

In the busy-ness of a day, a week or a semester, it is easy to compromise self-care beyond meals. Imperatives of the day: studying, class preparation, work and family life can easily knock personal care down on the priority list.

When we consistently complete daily tasks at the expense of well-being, we have lows in energy, concentration and a lack of motivation.

Instead of eating well, sleeping well, being active and spending time doing things that feed our soul, the body, running on fumes, will rely on over-the-coffee-counter stimulants and junk food to perform. These temporary energy ‘crutches’ trigger feel-good sensors and leave us thinking all is well. But all is really not well.

The body resents the short shrift in our own nurturing and our health is compromised. As a result, we get cravings, feel exhausted, cranky and moody. By making a shift in our daily self-care habits, we can condition the body to feel and perform better and to get sick less often. Self-care is a form of healthcare.

Some simple ways to nourish and nurture your busy self in non-food ways:

1. Try a one minute relaxation at the computer. Everyone has a minute! Place your hand over your navel so you can feel the gentle rise and fall of your belly as you breathe. Breathe in slowly to a count of 5. Do this for a minute.

2. Carry a favorite hand cream (guys too) with you in a small tube and give yourself a hand massage daily (wrists too from all that typing.)

3. At home, cook a simple healthy recipe and experience the high vibration and energy you feel right after eating it.

4. Take a few cleansing breathes and as you breathe in say, “I am” and as you breathe out say “at peace.” Repeat three times and feel your entire body relax into your chair. This clears your mind and will allow you to return to tasks refreshed.

5. Take a tech break. Let your mind rest without staring at a screen. Stare out a window, do nothing for a few minutes – really unplug. Do you feel anxious or bored without technology?

6. Create a working environment, or even just a desk space at home that promotes well-being.

  • Keep plants in your workspace which generate added oxygen in the room.
  • Drink water while you work to stay energized and alert.
  • Use a portable aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy the benefits of essential oils to energize and relax the body.
  • Light a candle while sitting at a desk (or reading for pleasure or watching television). Watch the flame for a couple minutes. The act is sure to chase self-sabotaging stress hormones away.
(Photo: Ronna Corlin)

(Photo: Ronna Corlin)

The phrase, “It is better to look good than to feel good,” made famous by actor Billy Crystal while playing the character of Fernando Lamas on ‘Saturday Night Live’ was made in jest. NOTHING REPLACES THE SATISFACTION OF FEELING REALLY GOOD.

Re-prioritizing non-edible nourishment is a complete game changer. By making space to nurture ourselves daily, we can shift our lives into high gear and bring our A-game on a consistent basis.

Invest more in the act of feeding non-foods (without waiting for the weekend or a vacation day to find the time) and you’ll be surprised by how good your body is meant to feel.

We’re much stronger than our excuses for not taking insanely good care of ourselves. Why wait until tomorrow.


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