Chelsea Chic: Tips for Keeping Your Clothing Looking New

What’s harder than waking up at 7 AM when it’s 5 degrees outside? Watching a favorite sweater shed like a homeless cat.

It can be pretty annoying to pick those lint balls off your leggings and almost impossible to get that extra fluff off of the sweater. There are a few tricks that can keep sweaters from shedding and help out other winter wear.

One great fashion tool is the pumice stone. Take the stone and gently rub it against a sweater to remove all those lint balls that cultivate after a while.

Be careful not to rub the actual sweater because then you’ll remove the lint balls, as well as part of the sweater. Light strokes that graze the surface will work just fine.

A way to stop sweaters from shedding is by keeping them in the freezer overnight. Put the sweater in the freezer inside a plastic bag and just let it sit there overnight or before each wear. Works especially for those wool and cashmere sweaters.

The makeup sponge can also be used as a lint roller to remover sweater fuzz or hairs from a faux fur coat.

To make an itchy sweater softer, all you need is a little bit of hair conditioner and white vinegar. Soak the sweater in cold water mixed with a little bit of white vinegar for 15 minutes.
Afterwards, massage the hair conditioner into the sweater and let it sit for about half an hour. Rinse all of the conditioner out and put the sweater out to dry.

Even though wearing leggings in five degree weather sounds ridiculous, the lifespan of your leggings can expanded in the winter, by freezing them along with your sweaters.

Run them under lukewarm water, put them in a plastic bag, and freeze them overnight. It will tighten up the fabric and keep them feeling like and looking like they are new.

If for any reason there is dirt on your new suede shoes, take a piece of stale bread and rub it over the dirt; believe it or not, the dirt will start to crumble off immediately.

Do not put your leather shoes in front of the heater to dry. It’s better to stuff them with newspaper and then keep them at room temperature.

Going from wet and cold to hot and dry really fast, can actually do more damage than good, by cracking the leather on the shoes.

Taking care of your clothes is essential for keeping up good appearances.

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