Chelsea Chic: Winning Winter Wardrobe Guide

Remember walking across campus with a light bomber jacket last month while complaining about not having a “white December” for the holidays?

Well, winter came late but she sure enough let us know she is HERE. It is such a struggle waking up in the early mornings, freezing, annoyed and having to pick out an outfit that will be a head-turner as well as protective from frostbite!

It is so hard not to just put on your high school Senior class sweatpants, snow stained uggs and a bubble jacket, but do not fall victim to this during the depressing weather.

Always keep in the back of your mind that today may feel as though it is a casual day for you, but you never know who you may meet that could affect your future.

You never want to meet your icon or future employer in sweatpants and a weed leaf t-shirt with a soy sauce stain on the front. When you look good, you feel good, and you will perform even BETTER.

Here is My Winning Winter Wardrobe Guide for This Season!

  • Let’s Begin from Head to Toe

    Hats, not only do they keep your head warm and keep your hair from being drenched by the snow and ruined by wind, but they can make your outfit adorable in and out of the classroom. The head gear for the new year would have to be a knitted beanie or even a leather cap with a mink styled puff at the top.

  • Oversized Scarves are Life

    There is no limit to how huge you can take your scarves — the bigger the better. They can also double as a hood depending on the size and knitting style of your scarf. Between you and I, there is no better feeling than sitting in a three hour lecture class while resting your head in an over-sized scarf drenched in your favorite fragrance.

  • Whether You Like Faux or Real, Fur is IN this Wintertide

    “I love to set accents with different scarves and fur collars, but I set the focus on layering up,” said Penelope D., a sophomore at WCC.

  • Let’s Keep it Classy in the Classroom

    Personally, I believe that if you have curves and a different sense of style, you should always express it. There’s nothing wrong with modesty, but that can only be determined by the person themselves.

    Last year, early in the semester, I noticed this one pretty girl who had 17 tattoos all over her body. I do not know her name, however I knew too much of her anatomy. Although she has returned this semester covered up, I look at her fully dressed and can still see her 17 tattoos.
    I am not the one for shaming females for wanting to expose their bodies but still, this is not only a school but also a stepping stone to our future. You never want your future boss to see you less than what you are capable of.

  • Top Trendy T-shirts of the Season

    The top trendy t-shirts of the season would have to be the return of solid colored turtlenecks as well as oversized sweaters.

    Do not be shy of making a statement with your outfits such as: button-up collared shirts under a fitted sweater.

    For guys, statement sweaters are all the rage. Oversized turtleneck sweaters are the easiest pullovers for the guy on the go and the most attractive sweater a guy can wear these days would have to be the shawl neck style!

  • Bottoms Up

    When it comes to the bottoms of your outfits, be smart! Salt, slush and snow can destroy many shoes and be expensive to clean. Snow boots are slowly becoming more appealing to wear due to the growing popularity in high fashion.

    Ladies, we will always use black leggings for the easiest fashion go-to, but make sure they are not see-through but, rather, a thick cotton.

  • Fashion Finds on a Budget

    Three top websites listed below offer STUDENT DISCOUNTS to all the hot trends for this cold winter:

    • TopShop
    • American Apparel

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